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Slowing impaling society with the importance of the SAT and ACT

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Paige Schepperley, Activities Manager

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“As high school students across the nation begin to take the SAT and ACT I welcome them to the wonderful world of standardized test taking.”

The SAT and ACT have long been an important part of telling how intelligent a person is. After all, if you aren’t a good test taker how else will you be able to thrive in the real world?  There is a great deal of pressure placed on these test; colleges use them as a way to create an even playing field for students and to determine their ability to function in a fast pace college setting.  The SAT and ACT vary slightly in their format but indicate relatively the same information about a person’s academic ability. For these tests, the higher the score the better.

It is an epic battle to achieve the best test score on the SAT or ACT. Throw your GPA out the window, this is the only thing that should really matter to colleges. Sure, you might have a ton of extracurricular activities and write a killer essay, but if you can’t get a decent test score there’s no point in even applying to college.  One should focus all their energy on improving their test score not only to look good for colleges, but so they can also brag about it to others. Gold star for you for being such a smarty pants. Forget that some people may have ADD or dyslexia because why should any of that matter if all colleges want is a good test taker? Maybe robots should begin attending university because they would get merely perfect test scores.

Colleges don’t want out of the box thinkers. That’s overrated and could tamper with the delicate power of the system, a system which for years has been based off the importance of testing students and expecting them to perform to the best of their ability on mind-numbing questions. Test makers have gathered the utmost important information students have learned throughout their years of school and compiled it into a series of questions.  Not only do you need to correctly answer these questions, but the faster you can do it, the better.

By placing a time limit you can separate the strong from the weak.”

The great thing about the SAT and ACT is that they create an even playing field for all students to test on. Forget that the upper-class students can pay thousands of dollars to get tutors and take classes to improve their scores. Sure, lower-income students may not be able to afford these services, but as long as the state says it’s fair it must be! Statistics show from multiple different online sources such as Wealth Management, HuffingtonPost, and Nyack News Views that the SAT and ACT favor richer, educated families, then again. But then again, I guess you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet. Who is society to say that the educational system could ever be unfair? I mean if you overlook all the studies and actual facts I guess one could convince themselves into blindly following a broken system of injustice.

To all high school students about to take the SAT or ACT good luck. I wish so much to be able to relive my fun days of sitting in a cold classroom testing for hours upon hours.  There is a  rush you get from trying to finish on time and the wonderful feeling of the bubble sheet under your pencil. It’s enough to make anyone crazy with excitement. Always remember folks, the SAT and ACT are the most important tests you will ever take, so always do your best. Remember that it doesn’t matter if you can think for yourself or have anything remotely interesting about yourself because colleges love robots. Always try to be more like a robot.

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Slowing impaling society with the importance of the SAT and ACT