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Rabbit Hero Caleb Wadman

Wildfires ravaged through a large part of Southern California in late 2017, putting both humans and wildlife alike in huge danger of becoming victim to treacherous flames. The fires consumed houses and areas with large animal populations, forcing many to be displaced. Many California residents took to social media through videos and pictures to document the destruction that the fires inflicted.

One particular video began to go viral after it was posted to Twitter. The video showed a man in a hoodie pulling over to the side of the road to save a rabbit in distress. This heroic man then coaxed the rabbit into the safety of his arms and out of harm’s way. The video had people around the nation calling this act of bravery an inspiration and many began to wonder who this mystery man was. After a large amount of searching and many rabbit hero imposters, the man from the video was finally found.

Caleb Wadman was identified as the rabbit hero and was even able to provide proof of the rescue through vet records and pictures. Events like this bring inspiration back to a year of hardships. Moments of selflessness are able to inspire individuals to be better, more involved members of society. As we leave 2017 behind us, we are able to go into the new year with happy moments like this to remember and serve as a reminder of to be better people.

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