Natalie Vandervlies


Natalie Vandervlies, a junior and FFA member at Wakefield, had firsthand experience with how the smallest things in life can make the biggest difference. At first glance, her freshman year schedule seemed grueling, with horticulture and math, but in the end, her schedule ended up revealing her true passion: agriculture. 

With all the different parts of agriculture, Vandervlies finds horticulture the most interesting and hopes to pursue it in a future career. Finding horticulture opened her eyes to a world of possibilities; becoming a landscaper, horticulturist or conservationist, when she grows up, makes her excited to see what the future holds. 

Vandervlies has also found lifelong friends through her agriculture classes and FFA, friends that will guide her as she navigates her way through an agricultural career.

“I’m grateful for what horticulture has done for me,” Vandervlies said, “and I’m excited to see what happens beyond high school.”