2022 media influences new Halloween costumes


Mainstream media has played an impact on people’s costumes this spooky season. This event has brought on some old and new trends.

As Oct. 31 creeps nearer and nearer, many people begin to finalize what they will wear on the spooky holiday. Preparing a Halloween costume is one of the most important, and sometimes stressful, parts of the holiday. Lucky for you, new movies, shows, and other forms of media are here to save the day. 

In this day and age, our society is heavily influenced by movies, social media and TV shows, however, music, books and video games have proved to have just as significant an impact on our generation.

Many popular shows contain characters that people can relate to, and it makes sense that teenagers are positively influenced by them. Seeing someone with the same background, personality, or features as you impacts how you feel, and usually creates a bond with that character.

Film is not the only influence when choosing a new Halloween costume. Social media is equally as impactful.

Although the recent blockbuster,  “Minions: The Rise of Gru” is intended for kids, many teenagers have expressed their love for this nostalgic throwback. Since this movie is and was so popular, we can expect many minions roaming the neighborhoods on Oct. 31. 

Minions are a great costume, but maybe you’re looking for something a little more subtle. 

A television series that gained a lot of popularity this year is Netflix’s “Stranger Things.” Set in the 1980s, fashion trends of that time period appeal to the younger generation. Sometimes referred to as the 20 year trend cycle, old styles are reintroduced approximately every two decades. Creating a Halloween costume off of one of your favorite characters from the hit Netflix show is sure to bring joy and excitement to your costume planning.

Film is not the only influence when choosing a new Halloween costume. Social media is equally as impactful. Recently, many people have begun to express themselves through their clothes, and most of this is controlled by social media apps. The top platforms among teens include YouTube, TikTok and Instagram.

For example, flared leggings have become popular, and the use of social media has pushed these trends. Due to the newfound popularity, there can be an expected increase in people wearing these in both daily lives, but also incorporating these trends into their Halloween costumes. Recreating outfits from the 60s would be much easier considering flared pants are common and trending.

With all of the media that surrounds us, there is easy access to thousands of Halloween costumes that best suit your interests. Keeping up with the new, old and unique, the fresh and the timeless, Halloween costumes this year are sure to be a blast.