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From struggle to success: Wakefield men’s lacrosse team dominates regular season

Caroline Rhoad
Tegan Davis works against Pike’s defense to create a scoring opportunity. The support from his teammates help him to find a pass.

After a successful regular season, the Wakefield men’s lacrosse team looks forward to what is to come from the playoffs. With a 14-4 overall record and ranked No.2 in the conference, the team is ready to enter regionals, playing stronger than ever after a season of team building.

Last year, the team ended with a 6-12 record. Since then, they have worked to create an environment that breeds encouragement. In doing so, their communication and teamwork have thrived, bringing the team back to its high state ranking.

The men’s lacrosse team’s head coach, James Riedel, has been a driving force in their success.

“We had a lot of new players on the team last year with very little experience,” Riedel said. “With a year of experience coming into this season, we displayed how hard we worked in the offseason. That hard work has us currently in second place in our conference.”

Coach Riedel is a good influence on us because he always pushes us to work harder.

— Inscoe

Senior and midfielder Owen McDaniel reflects on how the team played last season and how their strategies have changed. Last season, they would wait for others to make a move, but this year, the team has learned to take initiative in the game and learn each other’s flow, improving their overall performance.

“Last year, we had a pretty rough season as we weren’t moving the ball [too] well,” McDaniel said. “I was relying on other people more than doing my own thing. I realized this year that if I do my thing, then everyone else [will] do their part, and it helps the whole team assist each other.”

While discussing the team’s growth this season, McDaniel highlights how his time spent with his teammates on and off the field has also better shaped their approach to the game.

“We’re all a lot closer this year and just have more of a connection, so [building those relationships off the field] has also helped us to communicate on the field,” McDaniel said.

Whether the team was growing together or learning personal lessons, they managed to overcome many obstacles thrown their way. This was achieved by looking at the bright side and boosting their overall game. Not only have their improved skills led to triumph, but so has their determination.

“One lesson I’ve learned is to just keep trying,” sophomore Sam Loving said. “A lot of players ended up getting hurt or leaving, so I ended up being able to get more time to learn and focus, helping me get better as the season went on.”

Scout Inscoe, a freshman midfielder, is directly experiencing this year’s improvements. While he was not on the team last year, being part of this year’s team has provided him with guidance and left a profound impression.

“Coach Riedel is a good influence on us because he always pushes us to work harder,” Inscoe said.

Despite all the lessons learned and impressions made this season, the team’s success ultimately depends on its communication and ability to support each other.

“I’m always there to work hard, and if they need me I can come in and help other people up,” Inscoe said. “If we have teammates that are good with each other, then we do better.”

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