Every Taylor Swift album, ranked.

Welcome to the absolute, most-definitive ranking of Taylor Swift’s all-time albums. Clearly, I am the most qualified person to write an absolute, most-definitive ranking of Taylor Swift’s all-time albums. Mostly because no one before has ever thought to write an absolute, most-definitive ranking of her albums.

After a note from my editor, and a quick search on Google, I’ve learned that approximately 48,352 people have written absolute, most-definitive rankings of Taylor Swift’s albums.

Update: 6 more people have written their own definitive rankings since I wrote that last paragraph.

Okay, so the idea of a definitive list of Taylor Swift’s albums isn’t new, but I still argue that I am the most qualified person to write it. After all, I grew up with Taylor Swift. She was my first concert (Speak Now) in elementary school. She was my second concert (Red). She was my third concert (Reputation) in middle school. I’ve danced, laughed, smiled, and cried over her music for my entire life. I’ve grown up with Taylor Swift, and- in a way, she’s grown up with me.

Taylor Swift was dubbed the artist of the decade by the 2010s by the American Music Awards.  She is a prodigious writer and producer of music. She’s also a prodigious dater and breaker-upper of boys, which in turn makes her an even more prodigious writer and producer of music.

As I’ve grown up… as you’ve grown up … as we’ve all grown up and seen our lives change, so has Taylor. The beautiful thing is: her music reflects that.

She’s gotten older. She’s changed labels. She’s changed boyfriends. She’s adapted her music styles. She’s changed boyfriends. She’s made famous new friends. She’s changed boyfriends. Through it all, she’s grown as a person and an artist, and it’s reflected in her music.

With that in mind, here is the absolute, most definitive ranking of Taylor Swift’s albums. I’ve scored each album on “Does it pop?” and “Does she grow?” to get a final score. I don’t care what the other 48,352 … I mean, 48,358 writers say, this is the one that counts.

Here is every Taylor Swift album ranked.

9. “Taylor Swift” 2006

The OG T-Swizzle. Not a bad debut album, but I’m deducting points for the fake country accent and juvenile lyrics. 

Rating: 5.6/10

Here are my top three songs on Taylor Swift:

  1. Tim McGraw
  2. Should’ve Said No
  3. Tied Together With A Smile

8. “Fearless 2008

Fearless was the album that made Taylor Swift famous (not K*nye). She matures in her lyrics, but only slightly.

Rating: 6.8/10

Here are my top three songs on Fearless:

  1. The Way I Loved You
  2. Forever & Always
  3. You Belong With Me

7. “Lover” 2019

Lover was the sunlight that emerged after 2017’s revenge-filled storm, Reputation. Though the album is one of the weakest in her discography due to some super corny lyrics (hello, ME! featuring Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco), it marks her turn from former apolitical country star to liberal advocate, all while depicting the beauty of falling in love.

Rating: 6.9/10

Here are my top three songs on Lover: 

  1. Lover
  2. Death By A Thousand Cuts
  3. Cruel Summer

6. “Speak Now” 2010

It PAINS me to put Speak Now so low on the list because it was the album that made me a Swiftie. When you compare this album to some of her current ones, it’s just not as transformative. Still, Speak Now includes a ton of bops.

Rating: 7.6/10

Here are my top three songs on Speak Now:

  1. Dear John
  2. The Story Of Us
  3. Enchanted

5. “Evermore” 2020

Evermore was the second surprise album Taylor Swift dropped on the world in 2020, and it still showcases some of her best writing. Evermore and I just never really clicked as much as I did with folklore, but I still have major respect for the album.

Rating: 8.2/10

Here are my top three songs on evermore: 

  1. Ivy
  2. Champagne Problems
  3. Right Where You Left Me

4. “1989” 2014

1989 is considered the perfect pop album by many, and rightfully so. Many bonus points for being partially about Harry Styles.

Rating: 8.7/10

Here are my top three songs on 1989:

  1. Style
  2. Clean
  3. Out Of The Woods

3. “Reputation” 2017

Reputation is essentially a Kimye diss record, and pretty much left the world in shock after it dropped. Rightfully deserves a spot in the top 3.

Rating: 9/10

Here are my top three songs on reputation: 

  1. Dancing With Our Hands Tied
  2. Call It What You Want
  3. Don’t Blame Me

2. “Red” 2012

Red was the incredibly overdue transition into the world of pop for T-Swift. Red offers a variety of country ballads and single lady pop songs all laced with Jake Gyllenhaal vengeance. 

Rating: 9.6/10

Here are my top three songs on Red: 

  1. Treacherous
  2. Begin Again
  3. 22

1. “Folklore” 2020

Folklore was a surprise album in 2020 and witnesses some of her best writing ever, as well as the coolest baby name reveal for Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

Rating: 9.9/10

Here are my top three songs on folklore: 

  1. This is Me Trying
  2. Invisible String
  3. Illicit Affairs

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed my article. Although my rankings are definitive, feel free to leave a comment with your own personal rankings!