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North Carolinas Senate is responsible for making the final decision to pass bills into law. House Bill 115 would aim to loosen restrictions regarding school calendar dates, but is yet to be voted on in the Senate. (Photo courtesy of Robert Jordan via Flickr images)
Wake County again quarrels over calendar, still without permanent answer
Levi Holland, Photography Editor • April 18, 2024

In 2004, the North Carolina General Assembly legally banned public schools from starting earlier than Aug. 28. Encouraged mostly by the tourism...

Wilson appointed as Wakefield football head coach

Trent Wilson
Coach Trent Wilson gives the football team a pep talk before the game. Wilson has been coaching at Wakefield for over a decade.

After over a decade of dedication to Wakefield High School’s football program, Trent Wilson Sr. has stepped in as head coach for the 2024 season. Wilson has big plans for the future of Wakefield football and is already making important changes to revitalize the program, including implementing a rigorous training schedule and adding an emphasis on player academics. His new position signifies a change to the entire football program, not just the team.

“I decided now was the time to step in,” Wilson said. “After [15 years] with Wakefield football, I decided this was the time for me to create a legacy.”

After a tumultuous year, with a 3-7 win streak in the 2023 season, Wilson is determined to turn things around for Wakefield football. He has already started working on implementing a new training regimen and has recruited a new team of assistant coaches, to help bring fresh perspectives to the team. Wakefield’s athletic director Chancey Wolfe showcases his motivations behind appointing Wilson as head coach.

He’s a Wakefield guy and bleeds maroon.

— Wolfe

“Coach Wilson will provide stability to a program that has seen a great deal of change over the recent years. He’s a Wakefield guy and bleeds maroon,” Wolfe said. “Nobody wants us to right the ship in football like Wilson, and he’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done. His relationships in the community, our staff and, most importantly, with our current student-athletes will create a strong sense of unity and togetherness that will be key in changing the mindset and culture within the football program.”

Restructuring the coaching staff isn’t the only change Wilson is implementing; he is also ensuring the student-athletes are coming from a strong academic environment.

“I want to emphasize that the boys are students before they are athletes. I went ahead and raised the minimum GPA requirement [to play] to a 2.3,” Wilson said.

In addition to the new academic standards, Wilson has made it his mission to ensure the boys are united as a team. 

“Wilson is eager and determined to win. He wants to change the culture of Wakefield football and he’s already off to a great start,” Sophomore Elijah Alston said.

Additionally, Wilson is prioritizing the development of young talent. He has made it a point to recruit and train promising underclassmen, with hopes of creating a sustainable winning program for years to come.

We want to invest in the future of Wakefield football.

— Wilson

“We want to invest in the future of Wakefield football,” Wilson said. “That means not only focusing on the current season but also on building a strong foundation that will support the program in the long run.”

Devin Jugan is a senior who has worked with Wilson for the past four years. He shares his thoughts on Wilson’s position. 

“Whenever Coach Wilson is involved with a task, every athlete treats it with the utmost authority due to the respect every individual has for him,” Jugan said. “This high level of respect for Coach Wilson will translate into love and respect for the game and for each other, creating a culture dedicated to winning and being the best possible football player and student possible.” 

Overall, the football team seems to be in good hands with Wilson as the leader. 

Wakefield football has a bright future ahead of it with Coach Wilson at the [lead] and the respect and authority he brings to every athlete and fellow coach,” Jugan said. I am extremely optimistic about our football program’s immediate and distant future with Coach Wilson at the helm.”

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