Top 10 shows and movies to enjoy this fall

Orange leaves covering the ground, large sweaters and pumpkin-spiced everything are some of the defining traits of the fall season. However, the truly best part is cuddling up under a warm blanket and binging shows and movies. Whether it be a spooky mystery or a heartwarming family film, fall brings no greater opportunity to find your next favorite movie or show. We’ve compiled a list of 10 movies and shows (and two non-creepy alternatives) you can binge over the fall.

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed in this article are our own and therefore are totally true. Some of these shows and movies mentioned, however, contain graphic or mature content. Please view all R-rated or TV-MA materials with a guardian. 


Recommendations by Maddie Policastro

  1. I Am Not Okay With This (TV-MA):

    If I could pick one show that just feels like fall then it would have to be this show. The color scheme, lighting and costumes in I Am Not Okay With This come together to create an atmosphere that screams autumn. Not to mention, this show focuses the story on a teen girl, Sydney Novak, who finds herself developing telekinetic powers which brings in that supernatural aspect for a spooky season watch. I must warn viewers though that this show ended on the biggest cliffhanger and Netflix, unfortunately, did not renew it for a second season. If you are looking for a quick binge and don’t mind getting creative with your own ending then, by all means, I highly recommend it. 


  1. American Horror Story (AHS) (TV-MA):

    If you’re a horror fan like I am then this is the perfect show for you. I mean, it’s got horror in the title! The show features creepy clowns, witches and a lot of ghosts — like a lot of ghosts. I am personally a fan of AHS because of the storytelling in the show. Each season follows a completely different storyline, yet many of the seasons and characters connect back to one another in some way, which keeps the show rather interesting. My favorite season is, of course, Asylum because we all know it’s the best one. 


  1. The Twilight Zone (TV-PG):

    If your childhood was anything like mine, then you grew up watching The Twilight Zone every weekend. Sure, the reboot was good but nothing will beat the classic unsettling feel the original brought. Each episode offers a new story full of twists and strange occurrences. If you want to be scared I would highly recommend “Living Doll” and “The Masks.” While all of these episodes are wonderful, my absolute favorite has to be “The Fugitive.” Whether you like horror or just want to curl up with a heartwarming story, this show has wonderful fall vibes sure to make the whole family happy. 


  1. WandaVision (TV-14):

    This show has all the fall essentials — costumes, candy and of course witches. Not only does this show feature an amazing Halloween episode, but the eerie feeling throughout makes this a perfect choice to binge this fall. WandaVision is quite unique in the sense that every episode is formatted as a different classic sitcom. Whether you’re a Marvel fan or just a casual viewer, there is really something for everyone to enjoy.


  1. The Haunting of Hill House (TV-MA):

    This is quite possibly my favorite show I’ve ever seen. I’ve truly never had a story impact me as much as that of the Crain’s: A family trying to overcome their traumatic supernatural past. Though the show certainly has its fair amount of creepy jump scares, the best part about it is the focus on the family and their story. Every little detail adds up to create a wonderfully complex tale, so I suggest you pay close attention. If you are in the mood to be scared and sad at the same time, then this is definitely the show for you. 



Recommendations by Nic Cazin

  1. Knives Out (PG-13):

    Murder mysteries are a big part of fall for me. I remember strongly believing that one of the characters had murdered their father, but the ending totally caught me off guard! It’s a great mix of hilarious and slightly concerning, so it’s definitely worth the watch. If you want more of Daniel Craig, the next movie comes out in 2022.


  1. Edward Scissorhands (PG-13):

    Tim Burton fans will enjoy this amazing film following a superficial human with scissors for hands and his journey for love and acceptance. Johnny Depp fans will enjoy, well, Johnny Depp. Edward is brought to a suburban neighborhood where almost everyone loves him. But as the saying goes, one bad apple can ruin the bunch. You will definitely fall in love with this iconic character as you watch the movie.


  1. Coraline (PG):

    Tim Burton really has a way of making it seem like Halloween in all of his movies, and this film is no exception. His creepy ideas are brought to life as we follow Coraline, a girl who discovers a world that’s better than her reality. Her ‘other parents’ greet her with her favorite food and smiles on their faces, completely unlike her actual parents. However, there’s something sinister lurking behind every corner. 


  1. The Conjuring (R):

    The Conjuring is my all-time favorite horror movie series. The movies follow Ed and Lorraine Warren through some of their most famous cases. It’s an excellent mix of terrifying and captivating. You also don’t have to start with the first movie, either. If you’re not into horror movies, I recommend skipping this one. It is definitely the scariest movie on the list. If you believe in the supernatural like me, you’ll enjoy this series. 


  1. Dead Poets Society (PG):

    This movie is one of my favorite Robin Williams films. Boarding schools always remind me of fall and winter, but this movie especially since it takes place during these seasons. Dead Poets Society is a movie about self-discovery, the importance of friendships and the importance of having a teacher that really connects with you. The end scene also made me realize just how much I miss Robin Williams. 


Non-creepy alternatives:

  • The X-Files (TV-14):

    Though it didn’t make the official list The X-Files is truly a perfect fall watch. The story follows FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully who investigate rather odd and unusual cases.  There are also aliens which is a fun bonus for any fans of extraterrestrials. With its spooky themes and suspenseful cases, this show is sure to get you in your fall feels.


  • The Harry Potter Series (PG-13):

    These movies were my first taste of magic at the ripe age of 11. Follow Harry and his journey of fulfilling his ‘Chosen One’ destiny throughout seven years at Hogwarts. (Another boarding school!) Strangely, it always seems to be fall or winter during the story. Must be magic. 


We hope you enjoy our suggestions! Make sure to curl up with a bowl of popcorn, a blanket and something pumpkin-scented while watching everything on the list, it really adds to the atmosphere.