The Voice of Wakefield High School

Photo Courtesy of Lynn Policastro

Maddie Policastro

The melodies of Wakefield

“I hope I made you smile. That’s all I’ve ever wanted." ~ Finale (Can’t Wait To See What You Do Next) by AJR

From the moment my hands first clasped onto the cold metal handles of the school doors, I had music blasting through my ears. Music was a constant – a comforting presence in a turbulent sea of emotions and seemingly judgemental teenagers. I felt as though I was on a separate frequency from my classmates and I was rather content with the idea that it would remain this way. My peers and I danced around one another, never quite finding that perfect harmony between us. They would remain these untouchable entities and I would remain the quiet kid in the back of the class with headphones in. 

Through these last four years, however, Wakefield has shared its charming melodies with me. The sounds of students chattering in the hallways, jovial cries of enthusiasm as our football team scores a touchdown and the squeaking of shoes as freshmen scramble to find their classes on the first day. These harmonies were shared with all who roam the halls of Wakefield – music that only we could hear. Though I thought myself an outsider, I found that we had been dancing to the same song all along. 

It’s strange to think that soon these sounds will be lost to me. Though what lies ahead of me are prospects I only ever dreamed of, I can’t help to think of what I must leave behind to start this new journey. I will no longer hear the chirping of birds as I stroll to my classes in the trailers or the laughter of friends exchanging stories over cafeteria lunches. Even the silent snickers as “It’s all about the W” is heard over the morning announcements for what feels like the 100th time will soon be gone.

With this unrelenting fear comes a sense of solace. The fact that I am afraid to lose this melody means I truly listened and soaked up every moment. The best songs make you feel as though you could hear them forever and never be sick of them. In this way, the melodies of Wakefield are perhaps one of the greatest musical marvels I have had the pleasure to hear. They coaxed me to remove my headphones and truly connect with my fellow peers who weren’t so different from me after all.

Thank you, Wakefield, for sharing your song with me and all others who listen closely enough. To the lyrical souls I have the privilege of calling friends – thank you for embracing me completely. It was an honor to be amongst the talented creatives of the Howler and I am astonished by your creativity and passions every day. Thank you for letting me be part of your world and I will continue to cherish the beautiful family we have created.

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