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Best Movies of 2023

Best Movies of 2023

January 9, 2024

With many amazing books being made into TV shows or movies, it is very important for authors to help make their own book into a screen adaptation so their vision can come alive. When authors help in the production process it makes lovers of the book excited to see their favorite book go to the big screen. 

The minds of authors come alive through their direction of book-to-screen adaptations

Maya Schindler, Staff Writer May 18, 2023

The new hit show “Daisy Jones and the Six” has been a huge success amongst lovers of the book thanks to the series’ magnificent writing, costumes and music. This 10-episode series is adapted in a...

In this era of computer graphics, Should actors be digitally recreated? If so, why?

The ethics of resurrecting dead actors

Tristan Lempka, Staff Writer March 16, 2023

Recently, the new slate of DC comic movies was announced. Included in that announcement was that “The Flash” movie would still be released. In this movie, The Flash will come across heroes whose actors...

North Carolina film industries have grown drastically in previous years. New films and television shows are helping our local film to flourish and continue on an upward spiral.

New films, television spark the growth of North Carolina’s film industries

Camryn Ledwith, Staff Writer March 8, 2023

As North Carolina becomes a more desirable setting for new movies and TV shows, our local film industry is taking this as an opportunity to grow. There are multiple shows that have been filmed and produced...

Most anticipated movies of 2023

Most anticipated movies of 2023

Sophia Fisher, Arts and Entertainment Editor February 13, 2023

Movies are making a comeback! Many were increasingly concerned with movie theaters closing down and with the increasing preference for streaming, it seemed the sun was setting on movie theater experiences....

Enola Holmes 2

Enola Holmes 2

Sophia Fisher, Arts and Entertainment Editor February 2, 2023

Millie Bobby Brown returns in “Enola Holmes 2” to continue telling the story of young detective Enola. Enola works to establish herself in a male-dominated London as well as pull herself out of...

Film scores have a large impact on the way the viewer feels. They have the capability to bring tears to your eyes, bring you to the edge of your seat or cause you to turn the film off. In this article, I will delve into some of the most notable film scores and their impact.

The music makes the movie

Sky Morgan, Staff Writer January 9, 2023

The suspense that leads to a plot twist, the sadness evoked during a poignant scene, the tensions that arise when a character walks into the one house we all know they shouldn’t walk into; all of these...

5 movies to kickoff summer

5 movies to kickoff summer

Maddie Policastro, Photography Editor May 23, 2022

In todays episode of Maddies Music Minute, I discuss movie soundtracks.

Movie Soundtracks | Maddie’s Music Minute Episode 3

Maddie Policastro, Photography Editor May 6, 2022  

Dont Look Up receives scathing reviews from critics and film-goers alike shifting the focus away from the movies important message (original photo adapted from Netflix).


Maddie Policastro, Photography Editor March 25, 2022

Adam McKay’s latest directorial endeavor, Don’t Look Up, has certainly raised a couple of eyebrows from so-called movie fanatics. Released in 2021, the satirical comedy-drama has garnered a great deal...

Movies being pulled out of Russia

Movies being pulled out of Russia

Justin G Belmonte, Staff Writer March 15, 2022

Justin Grey Belmonte · Movies being pulled out of Russia

The official poster for the film, Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Maddie Policastro, Photography Editor January 25, 2022

This article contains spoilers for the film “Ghostbusters: Afterlife”. If you haven’t seen the movie, go watch it! If you have, I hope you enjoy.   During this year, we saw a return to...

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