The Howler

Kyle Harris

Kyle Harris, Co-Arts & Entertainment Editor

Hello everyone, my name is Kyle Harris. I’m a 12th grader who is currently partaking in his first year in being a staff member of The Howler. I am excited to have the ability to manifest a road of freedom, validation, and cosmic ambition for voices who ache to break free from inner and outer oppression. I aim for my art and leadership to personify and transcend boundaries of all forms of creative expression to singe a staple of innovation in society. Hopefully my talents can further cater to my interests of costume design and theatre as I discover my growth and inner light.

“You counter despair with hope. You strive forever for the best you are capable of to be! Therein lies the victory! So, as long as you remain true to yourself. You should see no reason to apologize for how you appear to others.” - Ororo Munroe

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