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Senior, Kyle Harris.

Kyle Harris

“It took me a while to understand my water lilies...I cultivated them without thinking about painting them...A landscape doesn’t captivate you in just one day...And then, all of a sudden, I had a revelation -- there was magic in my pond. I seized my palette. Since that moment, I’ve scarcely painted any other subject.”~Claude Monet

I’ve always wanted to fly away. I wanted to ascend outside of this physical realm into another universe where my presence and creativity would be treated as a force and celebrated. My soul and artistic expression would be enhanced and elevated while coming in contact with other powerhouses that are like me, yet similar. That’s what newspaper has done for me.

The Howler opened a gateway for me to embark upon my own insatiable energy and be inspired by all different types of multitalented individuals, who willingly envelop themselves in growth and transformation for the better every day. Here is where the manifestation of the word family permeated itself through the parameters of the classroom. Our hearts intertwined to become a singular unit of happiness and support. All of this simulated by ethereal beings of light who brought their personal stories, individual trials and accomplishments, authentic auras and individualities that made this machine of art come alive. I thank them for accepting me every day. There was never a dull moment with them. The laughter, the shade, the tears, the cheers will all hold an immense place in my heart. To experience first hand and see people of all different experiences come together and create freely is the vision I have for this world. They are the blueprint, the prototype.

Learning to not just speak my truth, but scream it was the biggest thing I learned in this class. Within this, I  allowed my imperfections and insecurities to caress me, only for a moment, then melt, so that I can spread my wings a little wider and fly with grace and style that’s unstoppable. The bearings of society can’t scorch this body, comprised of so many materials and colors that are indestructible, as long as hope lives in it.

I have been sowed with the seeds of never-ending dreams from being in this class and I’m honored. These dreams encompassing the knowledge that I was enough all along, and I will continue to become more. Also, these brilliant minds I have formed connections with will be growing with me and shining brighter every day.

I look into the mirror not completely fractured, but a bright beam of light dancing. Dancing in the evergreens to the rhythms of my own song, painted abstractly.

I want to thank you all, but most importantly Ms. Tekotte. She will forever hold a place in my heart. Thank you for fighting for me. By this I mean, challenging me, yet at the same time giving me a space where I can exist freely without any judgment. She has helped me spread my wings a little wider and fly a little higher.

Smooches, you all deserve the best, yall better #popout, I love you all.


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