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Surprise, surprise prom is in the air!

Hannah Chaya, Editor-in-Chief April 19, 2016
"There are a lot of ideas that have been used over and over a thousand times, but I would just suggest inventing a new idea that has never been done before." ~Protz

Field trips providing fun and experience

Members of the FBLA pose with the Charlotte Hornet cheerleaders on a field trip.
Juliana Merzigian, Student Life Editor April 6, 2016

The Future Business Leaders of America club and Sports Marketing class have been giving their students the opportunity to attend field trips to go visit different arenas. They first went to the PNC Arena...

Wake County French Festival integrates French culture into students’ lives

Hannah Chaya, Editor-in-Chief April 4, 2016
"I really enjoy my students watching other students speak French and realizing it doesn’t just happen in this classroom." ~Bordt

Veterinary Assistance class added to further educate students about animals

Future Veterinary assistance students practice their skills on Chinchillas.
Will Clark, Sports Editor March 23, 2016
"This course gives students a pathway to still work with animals in a way that is in between basic animal science and Veterinary School in college.” -Durdock

The legacy of Marcus Mattson lives on

The legacy of Marcus Mattson lives on
Manuela Vega, Opinions Editor March 10, 2016
"When you get to know each other and you sing together, you have this bond that is going to be there forever. It can never be broken. If we made music together at this point in time, no one can ever take that away. We can never reproduce it, and even if it were to be recorded, it's never going to feel the same as it did in that moment in time. -Mullinax

Science continues to open doors for Olympiads

Wakefield High School's Science Olympiad team.
Rebecca Fiely, Arts and Entertainment Editor March 8, 2016

A notable buzz of excitement and expectancy encased the designated “Wakefield High School” locker bay as the Science Olympiad team set up for a twelve hour day of competing and anxious waiting. North...

Senioritis: The struggles of a high school senior

Nick Coutros, a senior, showing signs of senioritis.
Yasine Mirmozaffari, Staff Writer March 7, 2016

Senioritis: an all too familiar self-diagnosis, which has plagued high school seniors around the nation for more than half a century. Defined by Merriam-Webster as “an ebbing of motivation and effort...

Start your day off right with a warm cup of joe

Students gather in the 200 locker bay after first period to get a warm cup of coffee.
Hannah Chaya, Editor-in-Chief March 7, 2016
“It was pretty slow until we put it on the announcements and then it exploded. We didn’t think it would get that big.” ~Breymaier

Art students advance in the Scholastic Art Competition

Art on display at Scholastic Art Competition.
Chase Cofield, Staff Writer March 3, 2016
“[The Scholastic Art Competition] brings the art students together, makes them feel proud of their work and also allows the students to become recognized on a regional and national level, which often leads to scholarship opportunities." -Valentino.

Marketing a personal brand for yourself

Marketing a personal brand for yourself
Hannah Chaya and Juliana Merzigian February 11, 2016
“If you want to be seen as responsible, ethical, and hire-worthy, it is fully within your circle of control to create that ‘personal brand’ for yourself." ~Maloney

Candy grams bring holiday spirit

Becca Fiely holds up her candy gram during the holidays.
Juliana Merzigian, Student Life Editor January 8, 2016

Before winter break, the SGA hoped to get students in the holiday spirit by selling candy grams. For only one dollar, students could purchase candy canes and send them to peers with a written message attached...

Cooper Johnston wins young marine of the year award

Cooper Johnson (left) receives award in full uniform.
Austin White, Staff Writer January 7, 2016
“Technically, I have been apart of the program for six years,” said Johnston. “But it's really been close to nine years. I am honored to win the Regimental Young Marine of the Year Award. It is very prestigious.”
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