Students’ career in business managing


Staff Graphic by Justin G. Belmonte

Company logos of Burgess’ and Blanton’s student run businesses showing that you can run a business while being in school.

Justin G Belmonte, Staff Writer

There are many career paths students can take depending on what they want to do when they get older. Some students want to become a leader instead of a follower by starting their own businesses–however, many leaders don’t know how or what it takes. For the students who want to know, there are many classes that Wakefield High School offers that can help you meet your goals for this.

Marketing and entrepreneurship teacher Keri Brewer’s class gives students the opportunity to learn about business.

“You get to understand the functions of marketing and how it relates to a business to be successful,” Brewer said. “You can discover your interest in future employment and education.”

You can discover your interest in future employment and education.

— Brewer

Ethan Njoroge, a student taking Brewer’s class to help with his future in business, discusses what opportunities the class offers him.

“This class has taught me about pricing and promoting a business,” Njoroge said. “I’m going to use the skills I know, and others that I’ll soon learn in order for my business to be successful.”

Brewer’s class offers many other skills to students who want to learn how to start and manage a business.

“You learn self-confidence, awareness, and an overall understanding of businesses and marketing concepts, along with having a direction of what you want your career to be,” Brewer said.

Njoroge explains the reason he took this class and how it’s going to influence what his career choice will be.

“I don’t want to work for another person,” Njoroge said, “I want to do something that involves mechanics and I want to do it my way.”

There are many students around the school who have already started a business. Sophomore Roz Burgess, who started a baking business called “Burgess Bakery” (@burgess.bakery on Instagram) dedicated to making hot chocolate bombs, talks about why his business will help him achieve his future career goals.

“My goals are to build entrepreneurial success for me so I can prepare for the future,” said Burgess, “This is a very good building tool to learn how to work things, like working with people or managing a business.”

Senior McKenna Blanton, who also started her own baking business called “Kennas Kreations” (@KennaKreationsss on Instagram) back in September of 2021, shares the challenges and difficulties that her business goes through and what she does to avoid them.

“As long as you talk to your clients and make sure everything is organized, then you’ll be okay,” Blanton said.

My goals are to build entrepreneurial success for me so I can prepare for the future.

— Burgess

Burgess, who manages his business alongside participating in the Best Buddies club, Fellow Christian Athletes, Black Student Union, and the Future Business Leader of America, gives advice about the challenge of time management for his business.

“Even though the job’s very time-consuming, it is my passion; when I work, it doesn’t feel like work for me,” said Burgess. “So whatever you work in life you should be passionate about it because I believe it shows people how dedicated and hard you work.”

There are many other students who are looking to start a business when they grow up. By taking the marketing and entrepreneurship class they can learn how to manage success. Besides Blanton and Burgess, there are other kids throughout the school who have started a business and they’re proof that what you want to do can be accomplished if you’re organized and passionate about what you want to do.

“I’ll say just go for it,” Blanton said.