Photographers of Wakefield

Allie Chiu, Sports Editor

Wakefield is full of talented students but the photographers of Wakefield just keep expanding and getting better each year. Some photographers that have stood out to me this year are Lilly Radcliff, Natalie Joyeusaz, Bogdan Onuoha and Aiden Harris. 

Junior Bogdan Onuoha has been a photographer for about a year. His main focus is sports photography because he loves to express the players throughout his photography in their natural habitat on the field. He doesn’t was to pursue this as a profession, but he does enjoy it as a hobby. If you are interested in looking at more of his work go to his Instagram as @_boggyshoots

Senior Natalie Joyeusaz has been a photographer since 2018 when she received her first personal camera. She has enjoyed photography on and off, but now more than ever she uses it as a side hustle. She doesn’t focus on it as her future career but she does want to keep it as a hobby. If you are interested in checking out more of her, go to @nataliejoyphoto on Instagram.

Senior Aiden Harris has been a photographer for about five years now. He views photography as a hobby but has it in his everyday life. His strong suit is videography, but he loves getting pictures to express moments. He believes photos can be kept as a memory forever and loves being a part of that. If you are interested in seeing more about his photography go check out his Instagram @abvisualss.

Junior Lilly Radcliff has been taking photos since she was 10. She fell in love with photography when she get her first Kodak camera. She is currently expanding her collection six years later. In the future, her goal is to work as a sports photographer for a major league sports team or college-level athletes. She considers her photography to be capturing the emotions within the game. If you are interested in checking out her work go to @Radcliffes_portfolio on Instagram.