Using your childhood as the new currency

As dust catches on old VHS tapes and Pokémon card collections, the industries that constructed such fond memories string your adolescence into a commodity.

Could audiences ever acquire the same reaction once given from a lovable cartoon lion cub compared to a CGI one, 25 years later? When sequels become sequels to sequels we begin to question if there’s more of the story that really needs to be told. “Toy Story 4 (2019)”, “The Lion King (2019)”, “Aladdin (2019)” and “Pokémon Detective Pikachu (2019)”. Truly, I believe that remaking movies isn’t necessary. Though, because their components were figuratively a sibling for me; I will continue to see these remakes principally out of loyalty.

Disney is known as the notable studio that brought eternal smiles for today and generations before it. Unfortunately, no longer can I confidently say that today’s films are strategically produced, as the company fails to grasp the notion that ‘all good things come to an end’. My initial frustration came from the “Toy Story 4” trailer that popped in my Youtube recommendations. Hearts would jump for joy when seeing Little Bo Peep after 24 years, but showcasing that only made me realize that studios will ride on nostalgia. Again and again, the same plotline, “Toy Story”, the toys get lost, “Toy Story 2”, the toys get lost, “Toy Story 3”, the toys get lost. Nevertheless, I can appreciate the realism of children misplacing their toys and how each movie had their own individuals quirks, tear-jerkers and beautiful times. Still, it boggles my mind how the next generation is forced to consume live-action Disney princesses instead of the classic folk lore. Timely stories being sculpted to suit the present, gradually being twisted from their original purposes.  All Hollywood has to offer these days are duplicates that just get regurgitated onto a screen.

All Hollywood has to offer these days are duplicates that just get regurgitated onto a screen.

Intellectual property, or IP, is any storyline, establishment or character that a studio or creation organization claims. IP can likewise be contents and adjustments of books or something fruitful that can be adjusted into a film or TV show. Ideas alone have little esteem. Be that as it may, IP can assist you with turning thoughts into economically fruitful items and content. Authorizing your licenses or copyright, for instance, can prompt a constant flow of sovereignties and extra pay that can help your business’ primary concern. According to  Box Office Mojo, which tracks this ticket revenue, the normal 2018 motion picture ticket is $9.27. 10 years prior in 2008, it was $7.18, and 10 years before that in 1998, it was an insignificant $4.69. The costs have expanded relentlessly every year from that point forward without any exemptions, and it’s far-fetched to think that it will become cheaper.

Clearly, Disney is having some fantastic luck with their animation-to-life revamps and surely won’t stop if the money continues flowing. Nonetheless, while I hold much regard for the artistic enthusiasm of Disney, I hope that they don’t forget their classic animated roots.