Lunch favorites: Advantages and disadvantages to going off campus


Staff Photo by Tatyiana Davis

Seniors, Anthony Howard, Priyanka Rai, Tyson Burgess, Fernanda Ramos, and Trae Smith eat lunch at Moe’s for off campus lunch.

Maggie Finn, Social Media and Business Editor

One of the privileges as an upperclassmen is going off campus for lunch. The location of Wakefield High School happens to be in the middle of popular restaurants. Students can choose from different cuisines to fulfill their cravings.

Some favorite places around the school to eat are Chick-Fil-A, Bojangles, Moe’s, Subway, Zaxby’s and Sergio’s. Each offer a different option for students ranging from pizza to a burrito. Spencer Holly is a Senior at Wakefield High School and loves to go to his favorite places for lunch.

“Zaxby’s is my favorite. I always get the Boneless Wings and Things combo with a root beer,” Holly said. “That’s my go to.”

Staff Photo by Allie Mariotte
Off campus lunch is a great time to get some energy from Starbucks coffee

Zaxby’s is a fan favorite for students to go to for lunch. They offer a student discount if you get the Big Zax Snak (Chicken Tenders) for lunch, as they are a place for chicken lovers.

“Zaxby’s is the number one place to go,” Jack Callahan, junior, said. “I usually get a Big Zax Snak.”
Chick-Fil-A is another favored place by Wakefield students. The lines are always down the street, but the employees never fail to move quickly.

“Chick-Fil-A is my favorite,” De’Asia Talton, senior, said. “I get a chicken sandwich and a lemonade.”

Bojangles is a popular restaurant to find Wakefield students during lunch. The cajun flavor has students craving it all the time. They offer chicken tenders, salads, and sweet tea.

“Bojangles is my other favorite place to go,” Talton said. “I get chicken strips and french fries with a sweet tea.”

Going off campus can be great and all, but there are also cons. Wakefield has an ABC lunch schedule which can make it hard for students to go off campus and return on time. There is traffic in the parking lot, and lines at the restaurants can sometimes make it stressful.

Staff Photo by Tatyiana Davis
To cure a sweet tooth Krispy Kreme is only six minutes from the school!

“The way our lunch is set up, you only have little time to go off and with how crowded the parking lot gets you only have about 25 minutes to get there, get your food, come back and eat,” Holly said.

With going off-campus everyday, your bank account can suffer. If you are looking to save money, you should stay on campus. Going off-campus for one or two days a week can be a good compromise.

The location of Wakefield is perfect for students to leave for lunch. Despite the pricing and time limitations, the places that students can choose from are almost infinite. You have almost every type of food within a five mile radius.

“It has good options that aren’t that far where students have time to get food,” Talton said.