Mid-year graduates say goodbye to Wakefield, hello to their future


Staff Photo by Ashley Masingale

Mid-year graduates get to wear the cap and gown during the holiday season.

Ryanne Howard, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Senior year is a time to reflect on your past academic years, the friendships that were made and begin the venture into the next chapter of your life. For seniors ending their high school career early to enter the workforce, military, college or university. With help from the Dean of Students, Kim Douglas, mid-year graduation was a true celebration.

“All of the kids that are considered to be mid-year graduates have a plan,” Douglas said. “Most of them are going to Wake Tech, but a few are headed to a four-year university.”

Reasons why seniors choose to graduate early vary from what they want their future to look like. Students became eligible to graduate a semester early by attaining the total number of credits needed. Senior Timothy McKay has made a big name for himself on the football field. He has committed to NC State University and is joining the team in the winter. As a student-athlete, he has big aspirations for his future career. McKay plans to major in Sports Management.

“I’m going to school in January. I think it would be great for me to have a head start and get ahead in the program,” McKay said.

I’m going to school in January. I think it would be great for me to have a head start and get ahead in the program”

— McKay

In contrast to the end-year graduation, Wakefield does not offer a winter graduation ceremony. Fortunately, the graduates are invited back to participate in the ceremony on June 16 with their peers.

“We always want to make sure students have a plan for what they want to do after graduation,” Douglas said. “It’s not just to say ‘I’m getting out of school early,’ but it’s because they want an early start to whatever their goals/future aspirations are.”

Parents now see their teens’ hard work pay off. McKay’s family was thrilled about his decision.

“They were pretty excited for me. They just wished me the best. I’m excited too,” McKay said.

Graduation is bittersweet. On one hand, students are excited to move on and be independent, on the other senior activities such as prom, the senior prank, and award ceremonies will be missed. Once the seniors are disenrolled to the high school they are no longer considered Wake County Public School System members. Senior Karley Mullins is finishing high school early to get a jump start on her future career as a pathologist nurse.

“I’ll miss my friends. I’ll miss seeing them every day, to only seeing them a few times. Some of my friends said they will invite me to prom,” Mullins said.

Wakefield will always be a part of the students’ lives. Andrew Frickman is ready to move on from his high school familiarity and see what the future holds for him. Although the seniors are leaving, the relationships built and lessons learned will continue to be carried when they step out of the doors for the last time.

“I’d say that my experience here has been as good as it could have been,” Frickman said. “I’ll take with me hard work and perseverance.”