Wakefield students donate to prom dress donations


Staff Photo by Chase Cofield

Students may drop off prom dress donations to Ms. Tborowsky’s office.

Every girl wants to feel beautiful during their prom but some cannot afford the luxury. Thanks to Jill Toborowsky they can. With the help of Ms. Jeffrey and Jill Toborowsky, prom dress donations will give girls a chance to complete a full high school experience.

“A very nice lady named Ms. Jeffery came into the school explaining how they are collecting prom dresses all around Wake County for girls who cannot afford them.” Counselor, Jill Toborowsky said. “So I decided to start collecting dresses to help with this good cause.”

Many people are involved in this cause to find girls a perfect dress.

“I think this cause is really great and a great way to help girls get what they need to feel beautiful,” junior Asia Ray said. “ It gives girls the opportunity to feel good about themselves and what they are wearing.”

The process for the girls to get the dress is fast and simple while protecting their privacy.

“They way the dresses are given out is really simple,” Toborowsky said. “They girls found out about what we are doing and have the opportunity to come to the dress store and pick out their perfect dress.”

Prom is a special day for a young lady to feel like a princess.

“I always wanted to go to prom but felt super embarrassed that I didn’t have a dress to wear,” an anonymous student said. “Programs like these help girls feel and look like a princess for a day.”

No girl should feel like they are wearing hand-me-downs. Every girl deserves to feel beautiful for just one day.

“Prom is one day to feel great about yourself,”  math teacher and dress donator Melissa Bell said.

Someone’s previous dresses that hang in a closet can be someone’s dream dress.

“They are nice dresses and will never be used again in my house,” Bell said. “When we first got these dresses we were so excited to get it but now it just takes up space in the closets.”

Many people decide to donate because they wanted to make themselves happy by making others happy.

“What is the point of holding onto old prom dresses that you will never use again when you could give it to a girl who really wants and needs it really badly,” Ray said. “I don’t think it’s selfish if you want to keep your prom dress for memories but me personally I feel better giving my dress away for someone else so they can be happy.”

Another reason to donate is to build up the Wake County community and spread the love around.

“I think programs like these help spread love within our community and show our compassion to each other,” Bell said. “I also think programs like these help spark a movement into sharing love with everyone and having a bigger better community filled with love.”

There should be more programs like this to help high schoolers.

“This program is so great and I wish we had a lot more of them in Wake County for more girls like me,” Anonymous said. “I know prom is not the most important thing in your whole life, but at this moment it really is.”

Overall this cause is a way for girls to get their dream day.

“I just want everyone to be happy and feel gorgeous on this very special day in a young girl’s life,” Toborowsky said. “ I just want everyone to enjoy prom because it’s a magnificent day.”