The new year brings hope for a new start

Wakefield High school students talk about their new year’s resolutions and what it means to them.

The new year brings hope of new beginnings. Wakefield high school students share what their new year resolutions are and why it important to succeed in them.
“My new year’s resolution would be to make more loyal friends,” Anthony Howard, sophomore at Wakefield high school student said. “Try new and interesting things, and to be more confident in myself.”
There are many different things people want to achieve in the new year.
“I really want to improve my test scores in all my classes to make my parents happy,” Christina Nguyen, sophomore at Wakefield High, said.
While some people want to improve who they are, others want to improve the way they are perceived by people.
“I love who I am, but this year I want to to be seen as a compassionate and kind person not stubborn and confident,” Tareya Stokes, Wakefield high school junior said.
Students explain why they want to participate in the tradition of a new year’s resolution.
“I really wanted to do a new year’s resolution this year to see growth within myself and see a better me,” Meredith Howell, junior, said.
There are many reasons why Wakefield students think their new year’s resolutions are important.
“I always wanted to stick to my new year’s resolution to become healthier because I want to have a healthier lifestyle and not be a couch potato,” Howell said.
Keeping a promise to yourself the whole year is a very difficult thing to do. Not only do people have to change their duties or who they are each year, but also remembering the promise they made at the beginning of each year.
“I have to admit I don’t usually remember my new year’s resolution by the end of the year,” Nguyen said. “That is something I really want to change because I set the goal for a reason and I need to try harder this year to keep it.”
People have the tendency to forget their new year’s resolutions and have a moment of regret realizing that they didn’t finish their goal for the year.
“It sucks knowing how much I wanted to do something in the beginning of the year and then realizing by the end I didn’t do it,” Howard said.
Even though new year’s resolution are traditionally made in the beginning of the year there is nothing wrong with mixing it up.
“Honestly new year’s resolutions are just promises we make at the beginning of the year, but what happens when they are done?” Stokes said. “I believe we should always make goals for yourself no matter if it’s January or May.”
Others believe that new year’s resolutions are something that are meant to be done the whole year and are never ending.
“I know some people think that new year’s resolutions are things we try to complete and move on but that’s not true,” Clair Ransom, Wakefield high school freshman said. “I think your suppose to make new year’s resolutions as a long time goal and not just do it and move on to the next.”
There are many reasons why new year’s resolution are not only just words but promises people make to better themselves.
“I think new year’s resolutions are very important thing to have each every year,” Howard said. “It gives us goals to keep us going in the right direction and make us set goals for ourselves.”