The affects on students three years after COVID

Covid-19 affected everybody including students and the repercussions are still being felt today.

On March 13, we reached the three-year anniversary of the exact start of the Coronavirus Quarantine in 2020. This date is known nationally, especially among students in middle school and high school. Our teachers told students on this day they were getting out of school for “two weeks,” however this break was much longer. Students were in quarantine for at least fifteen months, missing crucial in-person learning experiences.

In addition to students’ learning opportunities becoming obstructed, they also lost key skills such as the ability to socialize. Being in school surrounded by people everywhere forces students to socialize with each other. Having that attribute of someone’s life suddenly become depleted makes a humongous change in how they are going to behave.

This is exactly what happened to thousands of students who were not able to leave their homes for months. Losing the ability to confidently speak to other people makes that individual’s self-esteem diminish very quickly. As soon as the confidence that was once there leaves, one’s social anxiety goes through the roof.

Another extremely common feeling that people started going through was depression. Depression is defined as a common mental health disorder that involves a low mood and a loss of interest in activities mixed with varying symptoms. The lack of socialization made students feel alone and sad. They were able to reach out to their peers but never had the true opportunity to hang out with them due to the dangers of the virus.

Since the restrictions have been lifted, students have gotten back into the swing of things. People are engaging together through in-person laughter, talking, and being able to help each other out. The Coronavirus may have affected students in a negative way, but they are leaving quarantine realizing it is better to be together.