Different ways we celebrate love

Different ways we celebrate love


Experiencing love, whether it be from family, friends, or pets, is something nearly universal. While there are specific days centered around love, like Valentine’s Day, it’s important to remember that love can truly be celebrated year-round with anyone. There are numerous other ways to celebrate the occasion with others or by yourself. 

Some people experience their first crush in primary school and can become anxious when speaking to their crush, especially if they want to confess. There are a lot of creative and child-friendly ways to hang out with a crush, or even confess, like crafting a paper colorful heart with a taped piece of candy on it or hanging out at the playground. Whether someone is rejected or accepted by their crush could affect their view on any future relationships.

Whether someone is rejected or accepted by their crush could affect their view on any future relationships.”

As people get older, they may find themselves in a romantic relationship with a partner. There may be a lot of pressure to get a partner the perfect gift for anniversaries or random occasions because one wants them to feel loved and appreciated. As the relationship forms and memories are made, one can be overwhelmed with the different ways they can celebrate their love for each other.

But, there are a lot of simple, yet romantic, ways to spend time with your partner, including something as simple as staying inside and watching a movie. Although that sounds laid back, it still gives the opportunity to bond. Going out of the house on a date can be fun as well as romantic. There can be a lot of options for a romantic date such as going out to eat at a nice restaurant, taking a cooking class together or seeing a classic or new movie. Anything to bring both partners together will work perfectly.