Underclassmen Outreach: How can you make Wakefield better?

Jordan Gore

Jordan Gore

Jordan Gore, Guest Writer, Freshman

I believe I can make Wakefield a better place by improving myself. Making sure that I’m nicer to people will increase other’s attitude and improve the school. If I  ever see trash on the floor, I can help the school by picking it up and throwing it away. Another way I can make Wakefield a better place is if I ever see someone being bullied, to make sure the bully stops and that the victim is okay. I think that spreading happiness and my attitude is the way to improve my school entirely.



Kaylin Steichen

Kaylin Steichen, Guest Writer, Sophomore

Firstly, I think I can make Wakefield better by having a positive mindset and attitude throughout the day. By doing that, I think it will not only make myself better, but I think it can inspire others to take part in a positive mindset and attitude as well. I can also make Wakefield better by having an open mind. I can spread my horizons and be open to any change that comes my way. I can listen to others’ ideas and dreams. By listening to others, I feel as if I could incorporate other people’s ideas for a good change.




Malik Griffin

Maliq Griffin, Guest Writer, Sophomore

One way I help to make Wakefield better is to help my classmates with work they are struggling with. Since SMART lunch has been taken away students have less time to study during school. I say this because it gives students more time to finish assignments that we did not finish in class. Pride time allows some time to help with work but bringing back SMART lunch would allow students more time to get additional help with classroom material. By help my friends with their workload I can make Wakefield a smarter place. Lastly, tutoring is a nice time to bond with other students at the school.


Madison Moore

Maddison Moore, Guest Writer, Sophomore

In my opinion, as a school community,  we could do a better job of cleaning and just keeping the school cleaner overall. Students should throw away their trash and not just leave it wherever it is. Even if it isn’t their trash, they should throw it away. I think if little stuff like picking up a piece of trash every time you see one could really change the physical appearance of our school. We could also attend more school instead of trying to skip. We are only hurting our own future by not attending classes. If we showed up more to class, we wouldn’t stress as much when exams come around. Lastly I feel like teachers could spend less time worrying about students getting to class on time. As students, we spend more time waiting for a teacher to write us a pass to class than we would if we were only a few seconds or minutes late.