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Film scores have a large impact on the way the viewer feels. They have the capability to bring tears to your eyes, bring you to the edge of your seat or cause you to turn the film off. In this article, I will delve into some of the most notable film scores and their impact.

The music makes the movie

Sky Morgan, Staff Writer January 9, 2023

The suspense that leads to a plot twist, the sadness evoked during a poignant scene, the tensions that arise when a character walks into the one house we all know they shouldn’t walk into; all of these...

Mariah Carey is well known as the Queen of Christmas for her song All I Want For Christmas Is You. But are there other artists who deserve the title as well? In fact, there is a whole roster of holiday music royalty that has been making the season bright for decades.

The holiday music royalty roster

Sophia Fisher, Arts and Entertainment Editor December 15, 2022

Since 1994 when her holiday hit, “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” began its tradition of chart-topping during the winter season, Mariah Cary has unofficially been dubbed the ‘Queen of Christmas.’...

5 movies to kickoff summer

5 movies to kickoff summer

Maddie Policastro, Photography Editor May 23, 2022

Photo Located on Scanpix

Celebrating 50 Years of The Beatles

Reagan Young, Staff Writer January 4, 2022

50 years ago, the iconic photo of the Beatles, Paul Mccartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison, walking across the zebra-printed crosswalk of Abbey Road in London was captured. Along with...

The fairs colored lights shine on a cloudy night.

Local culture adds significance to the NC State Fair

Jasanee Killins, Staff Writer November 7, 2019

With mind-boggling rides, otherworldly foods and agrarian excellence as far as the eye can see, the North Carolina State Fair earns a mountain’s worth of crowds annually, thanks to the spontaneity of...

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