Sims 4 adds new expansion pack “For Rent”

Sims 4 releases a New Expansion Pack
Sims 4 adds new expansion pack For Rent

“The Sims 4” is an online gaming experience where players can create a sim, build them a home, perform actions to keep their needs up and live out a fulfilling life. The popular game has recently been creating and releasing more expansion packs, and add-ons to the original game. These packs add a lot more gameplay to the game and provide more opportunities for loyal fans of the franchise. On Dec. 7, the expansion pack “For Rent” was released. When the trailer was posted a few days prior, many fans were ecstatic to try out the new features and see their sims become landlords. 

The new expansion packs CAS (create-a-sim) catalog has 142 items. There is plenty of new hair, clothing, and a few new tattoos for all sims no matter the gender or age. In build mode, there are 184 new items for players to use when creating apartments for their tenants, which is a brand-new feature. The new map, “Tomarang,” is a Southeast Asian-inspired map. The map is very pretty with two islands, one named “Morensong” and the other “Koh Sahpa.” 

In Tomarang, there are four new households with big families. When you first enter the island, there are four lots to choose from. There are two premade apartments for a gamer to choose from, but sadly, both are downstairs. The good thing is, that the game allows you to make your own apartment and make it possible for people to rent upstairs and downstairs. The lots are titled, “Sungai Point” and “Taka Soi 15.” Sungai Point has an apartment with two families living in the apartment already, while Taka Soi 15 has one family upstairs. 

This map gives players an opportunity that has not been offered before, which is to build apartments and, of course, become the landlord of the apartments. The player can make up to six units for residents, but there is a cheat code to build more using “bb.increaserentalunitcap” on/off in the game. Cheat codes are a character combination that is entered in your game to help it be better or worse. This expansion pack also added a new kill, the death of mold. You can get mold in your apartment, and if it builds up…  well, bye-bye to your sim. Some of the new interactions in the expansion pack include being able to call your landlord if anything breaks in your apartment, snoop around, and break into other units — even unlocking secrets about other sims and being able to use it as blackmail or leverage. 

To buy this expansion pack or play the game you must download Origin on your PC, you can also visit EA’s site. The other options to play this game are Playstation, Xbox, etc. In my opinion, this expansion pack is worth the buy, although it is very expensive, currently sitting at forty dollars excluding tax. Since “For Rent” is a new pack, it will not go on sale for a while, and when it does, it won’t be 35-50% off like many other expansion packs. This pack offers a chance to show off how you would build an apartment, and your tenant style, and can give you a clue of what you may be getting into if you’d like to be a landlord.


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