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Experiencing the culture of the North Carolina State Fair

The ferris wheel at the State fair stands tall among the other attractions.
Kate Meikle, Copy Editor October 21, 2015

The month of October always introduces one of most significant fall festivities to the Raleigh-Durham area: The NC State Fair. Thousands of men, women, and children flood the NC State Fairgrounds each...

Three Students from Wakefield accepted into NC Honors Chorus

Kayla Pierce, Natalie Collier, and Katherine Sumner were accepted into the North Carolina Honors Chorus.
October 16, 2015

NC Honors Chorus   For the first time in all of Wakefield high school history, three students have been accepted into the North Carolina Honors Chorus in one year alone.   The North...

Getting to know the new staff of Wakefield

Alexa Cook, Staff Writer October 12, 2015

Ms. Coggins: Q1: Where did you attend college? I went to UNC Charlotte as a freshman, initially as a dance major, and later transferred to Meredith for home education. Q2: What subject do you teach? I...

Bazzell creates a new legacy

The new principal of Wakefield High School, Mr. Bazzell speaks with a student.
Emily Callahan and Hannah Chaya October 7, 2015
“What I want to do is go well beyond what schools that look like us are doing. When I look at other schools who mirror us, as far as demographics and performance levels, I think that we are going to go above and beyond as well as outperform this school’s records.” -Bazzell

Wakefield compromises on how to spend the $100,000

Some of the Celebrate My Drive money was used on technology for the students.
Jillian Kerzner and Palace Jones, Copy Editor and Online Editor October 7, 2015
"The money should be spent on whatever the kids think is important."

Thomas rocks the Rock and Roll Marathon

Ms. Thomas showing a post-marathon glow after the Rock-and-Roll marathon this past April.
Juliana Merzigian, Staff Writer May 15, 2015

What started out as a stress reliever soon turned into a full time hobby for Assistant Principal Melissa Thomas. The Rock-and-Roll half marathon was not the first or last marathon that Thomas will be participating...

A prom to remember

Hannah Chaya and Jake McCraw, Editor-in-Chief and Student Life Editor May 8, 2015
"A Midsummer Night's Dream was spectacular, it went off without a hitch." -Williams

Wakefield leads by example

Potential leaders campaign throughout the halls of WHS.
Charlie Morris, Features Editor May 6, 2015
“Leadership is my life. I live to lead.” -Venable

Wakefield teacher wins statewide science grant

Wakefield teacher wins statewide science grant
Brielle Cashdan, Staff Writer April 2, 2015
“Feeding people is a huge topic of conversation and controversy right now. In 2050, nine billion people are coming to the dinner table. How will we feed nine billion with less land, resources, and money? The students at WHS can make a difference by learning about food science and food production.” -Riedel

Semi-Finalist for NCSCA earns trip to White House, honored by First Lady

Dr. Inscoe shares a smile after receiving her award for NCSCA Semi-Finalist.
Hannah Chaya, Editor-in-Chief April 2, 2015
“Dr. Inscoe is extremely caring, well organized, and has an enormous amount of enthusiasm. She does a great job reaching out to all students, parents, and the community; she’s just an overall go-getter." -Crayton

Shaving the way to a cure

Juliana Merzigian and Charlie Morris March 30, 2015
“It makes me realize how grateful I am to live such a healthy life. What makes this event so special is raising as much money as we can to help fund the research to find the cure for childhood cancer.” -N. Wright

Another successful Multi-Cultural Festival at the W

Students enjoy exploring around the world at Wakefield's Multi-Cultural Festival.
Jillian Kerzner and Jake McCraw March 30, 2015
“I think for the students, the festival builds unity within the community." -Martz
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