Teachers say “goodbye” to seniors

Wakefield faculty give their passing wisdom for the class of 2019

Tatyiana Davis, Multimedia Editor

Mr. Lipscomb

Mr. Lipscomb: I think it’s sort of bittersweet. All these messages of “get your applications in,” and “get your fines dealt with”-it’s true. When you’re trying to enjoy these final moments and make these memories, you don’t want to have to drive back to your high school to pay a library fine. It can be difficult to navigate these farewell emotions, so have someone in your corner who you can talk to. Every once in a while, I’ll get a message from a kid on social media saying “Oh! I remember this day when you said this thing and it was so important for me to hear that at that moment.” I’m like, “Wow, that guy sounds awesome, did I say that?” I love teaching, it’s my passion, but it’s also the job that I’ve been doing for 13 years. There will always be a new graduating class. The cycle never ends. As cliche as it sounds, experience the goodbye. Have honest emotions.

Mr. Calabria

Mr. Calabria: Graduation is just another big moment in your life. Those that want to keep in touch always do and those who don’t, don’t. I don’t see that as the finale of anything. It’s only one of those times where they’re proud and can see all their hard work paying off. Such a special moment out of many. I would like seniors to dare the impossible. This year we struggled with having no A.C. in my room and, instead of the students getting upset, they came up with alternatives. When it was snowing, we would go outside with our books. It was just a lot of fun. Education can be fun and, as teachers, we need to reinforce that. Sometimes there are going to be some boring parts, but together you’ll make it through, just like college. For the graduating class, I want them to come back with some stories for me. I want them to have some adventures.

Ms. Kelly

Ms. Kelly: Goodbyes are just ‘byes’ to this stage and a ‘hello’ to the next. With the doors closing on high school, more are opening for college, or whatever seniors decide to do. The 2019 class has really shown their willingness to excel and I even talk about them to other friends of mine, who aren’t educators, of how great they were with putting forth effort. Go with what you have a passion for, even if that requires you to not make a lot of money. Money does not mean happiness. If that’s your drive you’ll get to a point where yes, you’re wealthy, but you are miserable. Even when you go to college you can still change your mind. Just explore.

Ms. Terrell

Ms. Terrell: My favorite moments from the 2019 class by far were the Wackos supporting us in programs. Whenever I was out I would see seniors there, for not only home games but away games, too. Their strong sense of unity is something I’ll always miss. Seniors from this class were mentors to some of my kids with special needs, some worked in the community, did service projects etc. Their hopes to help were so admirable and appreciated. I see graduation as a big deal because these are the kids who came through Wakefield High School and I hate to see them go. Nevertheless, I wish them the very best, because even though it’s sad, they’re moving on to bigger and better things. I’m happy for them. In response to goodbyes, I say “so long and visit when you can.”