Top 5 reasons to go to Vidrio

Vidrio has become one of Raleigh's most up and coming restaurant favorites. This Mediterranean kitchen has many attractions within and without its four walls.

Gabrielle Donaldson, Sports Editor

Staff Photo by Gabrielle Donaldson
Diners are stunned by the eclectic art that adorns the walls.

Reason #1: The Ambiance

Vidrio has a very unique atmosphere. The interior design provides a light mood for the room and makes it ideal for great conversations. The lighting is dimmed, which allows the artistic structures along the walls and on the ceiling to stand out.

Staff Photo by Gabrielle Donaldson
Unique ceiling lights are stationed throughout the restaurant and make their own creative statements.

Reason #2:  The Food

The beet salad is amongst my favorites to start off my meal here. The dish is very light and full of flavor. The roasted beets are dressed in feta cheese, oranges, green onion, pistachio dukkah, and fennel seeds. It serves as the perfect baseline to excite your palate before diving into main courses or other small plates.

The seared salmon is my second favorite dish. The fish is served over a charred corn succotash and topped with basil pesto. The serving sizes are very pliable, depending on how hungry you are and how you plan to eat throughout the night.

The latest menu is here:

Staff Photo by Gabrielle Donaldson
Roasted Organic Beet Salad

Reason #3: Customer Service

It is quite evident that the vision of Lou Moshakos, Vidrio’s restaurateur, included having family-like service. Waiters and waitresses are well-versed on dishes available at the restaurant. They do an exceptional job of suggesting dishes that fit your desires while encouraging you to venture outside of your comfort zone.  They are also very accommodating to food allergies and sensitivities.

Staff Photo by Gabrielle Donaldson
Seared Salmon (without basil pesto #foodallergy)

Reason #4: Location

Vidrio sits on Glenwood Avenue and is very accessible after an evening stroll downtown. The central area vibrates with positive energy which makes it very suitable for a fun day or night out. If parking is a concern, valet is available upon arrival.  See a map here:


Reason #5: Desserts

The ricotta beignets are a family favorite in my household. The French-style doughnuts are infused with ricotta cheese, topped with fennel pollen sugar, and served with lemon crème on the side. They come out warm and are complimented well by the restaurant’s variety of international coffees.


My Rating: 9.8/10

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