Wakefield student athletes sign for universities


Photo Courtesy of Alice Hansen

Some of Wakefield High School’s best athletes recently signed for colleges on Wednesday, Nov. 14. Overall, eight students sat at that stand, clicked the pen and signed a document that is going to pave the way for their athletic futures to thrive.

Two students from our men’s swim team, two students from our women’s basketball team and four students from our women’s soccer team signed to play for their future colleges.

Taye Brown attending East Carolina University

Photo Courtesy of Alice Hansen
Taye Brown

Senior Taye Brown signed to swim for East Carolina University. Brown is an outstanding swimmer, with his best times being one minute and 42.83 seconds on the 200-meter butterfly and 45.94 seconds on the 100-meter freestyle. Brown also earned fourth place in the 100-meter freestyle, when he represented Wakefield High School at the High School Championships.

AJ Carroll attending Georgia Institute of Technology

Photo Courtesy of Alice Hansen
AJ Carroll

AJ Carroll, another swimmer, proudly signed to be on the swim team at Georgia Institute of Technology. Carroll is also an impressive swimmer, with his best times being 51.10 seconds on the 100-meter backstroke, and one minute and 56.13 seconds on the 200-meter individual medley.

Both of our swimmers have a bright future set out for them in college, as they are both YMCA National Medalists and they still continue to excel in their swimming careers.

Jada Peebles and Gabby Donaldson, Wakefield’s strongest women’s basketball players, both signed to play for their future universities. Peebles will be playing for the University of Illinois, and Donaldson will be playing for Harvard University.

Jada Peebles attending University of Illinois

Photo Courtesy of Alice Hansen
Jada Peebles

Last year, Peebles was selected as the women’s basketball player of the year. Also, the coaches from other teams in the conference selected her for the Player of the Year award. This year’s season just began, and Peebles is sure to shine just like she previously has.

Gabby Donaldson attending Harvard University

Photo Courtesy of Alice Hansen
Gabby Donaldson

Donaldson is an extremely talented player as well. Donaldson works hard to balance her success in her basketball and school career. She transcends in both of these elements, hence her acceptance to play at Harvard University.

Our women’s soccer team has four seniors anticipating their athletic careers at their future universities. These four ladies are brilliant students in the classroom and on the field.

Kaitlyn Bouck attending High Point University

Photo Courtesy of Alice Hansen
Kaitlyn Bouck

Kaitlyn Bouck, a player on the Wakefield women’s soccer team, signed to play for High Point University. Bouck’s success in her soccer career has shone through numerous events and awards, one of them being the North Carolina Soccer Coaches Association All-State Award. Overall, Bouck has been a dexterous player and will continue to beam in her soccer career at High Point University.

Sam Francis attending Western Kentucky University

Photo Courtesy of Alice Hansen
Sam Francis

Sam Francis, another student on the women’s soccer team, is preparing to play for Western Kentucky University. Francis is yet another strong player for the team. She has frequently been awarded Player of the Game, especially for those that she has played for the full 80 minutes. Western Kentucky University is going to be lucky to have such a well-rounded player.

Sierra Lowery attending East Carolina University

Photo Courtesy of Alice Hansen
Sierra Lowery

Sierra Lowery, another East Carolina University signee, will pursue her soccer career as a Pirate. Lowery is a strong defensive player, also for the women’s soccer team. In the photo, Lowery’s family surrounds her in support of her signing to her future college, much like the rest of our school and community supports her in her success.

Tori Hansen attending University of North Carolina

Photo Courtesy of Alice Hansen
Tori Hansen

Wakefield’s future Tar Heel, Tori Hansen, will be joining the University of North Carolina women’s soccer team. Not only is Hansen an amazing player on the soccer team, but also she is extremely successful on the women’s basketball team. Hansen is a huge contribution to the domination of the ball in middle field, having received multiple Player of the Game awards. Overall, Hansen is an inspiring student-athlete on and off the court and field.

Wakefield High School is proud to support our eight senior athletes on committing to universities this year. These students give inspiration to not only their fellow classmen but also to the athletic underclassmen in endeavoring their future college careers. Since they have taken the opportunity to sign for their future schools, we can acknowledge that our student-athletes have what it takes to flourish in their grades and their games at their future universities.