Dr. Wells calls her 17 year Wakefield career a success


Staff Photo by Chase Cofield

Dr. Wells spends her final days as an administrator before her retirement.

Creative, visionary, and humble, are just a few words to describe Assistant Principal, Dr. Wells. Many of the things that have made Wakefield High the awesome school it is are thanks to Dr. Wells’ hard work. She was a strong advocate for the collaborative centers, a pioneer of the Just Think First Program, instigator of the Celebrate My Drive contest, and strived to build up the arts’ program. After a 17 year-long career at Wakefield, Dr. Wells is ready for some well deserved rest and relaxation.

“I’ll definitely miss the kids. I’ll definitely miss the routine, coming in this building everyday. I’ll miss the fun, the good times we had, and friendships that I’ve made,” Wells said.

Wells is thankful for the chance to work with teens to make a lasting impact on them.

I feel like that I have been part of the history from pretty much the beginning”

— Wells

,” Wells said. “I think back at all the different things that have happened and I’m just glad that I stayed and was able to be a part of this school for so many years.”

Colleague, Assistant Principal Mrs. Thomas is excited to see her friend be able to spend time with family.

“I was happy for her. She’s worked here for a long time,” Thomas said. “I think there’s so much more for her to do in life. To visit other countries, to do art, and to relax. I am really happy for her.”

Dr. Wells has had many teaching careers over her time, from preschool to community college. She has had the privilege of teaching overseas in England. Wells has also worked at WRAL to showcase local art.

“To be able to work with those things through art programs is really beneficial to students,” Wells said. “I’m really glad that I am able to serve in a lot of different capacities.”

Junior Justyn Dease has a close and personal relationship with Dr. Wells. He has been working with her since freshman year. Dease is sad to see his administrator go but is happy to see her go out and have some fun.

“I want to say thank you. I want her to have as much fun as she can have,” Dease said.

Art teacher Dawn Valentino is a proud supporter of all the arts programs. Wells has worked with her on designing the collaborative centers. The art department helps students express their creative side which Wells feels is very important.

“She will now have more time to do what she loves, and spend time with family. She is not just my boss, she is my friend, my mentor, someone I truly admire and look up to, and she will be missed at WHS,” Valentino said.

With all the amazing things she has done with the school, she is looking forward to using her free time to spend time with family and friends.

“I’m going to start painting again. I’m going to be traveling and playing with my grandkids,”  Wells said. “All [these] things I’m starting to get excited about being able to have that kind of time. To be able to do what I want to do.”

Wells has made a connection with the school. She will miss it as much as the Wolverines will miss her. She leaves the students with this advice.

“Get involved in outside activities. Don’t just go to high school for academics. Have a well rounded education. It’s really important to discover who you are. Take advantage of all the opportunities you have. Be a risk taker,”  Wells said.

Wakefield is very lucky to have had such a great administrator who cares so much about the teens. The impact that she has had on the school will be engraved here for years after she has retired. From all the Wolverines, thank you, Dr. Wells!