David Adams, Sports Editor

soundcloudThe Sound Cloud app is a great and easy way to find all of your favorite musical artists and discover more music and audio.  It provides software that is a lot like YouTube’s, but with audio instead of videos.  Also, people can upload songs that they have made remix’s to, made their own songs, and even covered over another artists beat.  On Sound Cloud you can search for just about any artist and genre of music and upload it to the web.  On the account you have the option to make personal playlists out of the music you found by “liking” a song that saves a track for later. This is helpful when you are trying to find the music you want to listen to quickly.  Sound Cloud offers an explore section that helps people find trending music of just about any genre.

The overall tone of the app is positive and generally more serious than YouTube.  Everyone with an account can follow one another, which allows people to hear what their friends share.  This gives you more of the different genres of music that you might have never discovered.  User’s profiles allow one to listen to the new music they post directly to your stream.  Overall, I enjoy using the app due to the fact that there are all types of songs you can listen to that are out there.