Students react to the new iPhone X

Humans have come a long way in the advancement of our technology, especially that of our mobile phones. The dependence on cell phones has grown dramatically, demanding new gadgets that will keep up with the busiest work schedule, as well as leisure time. The new iPhone X is no exception to the influence that technology has on the world.  

This month Apple released their newest creation, the iPhone X.  The Company promises it to be their best version yet and claims that all users will adore the product. With all the hype over this ninth addition to the iPhone family, will it go beyond expectations or crack under pressure?

With today’s fast media coverage, it’s impossible to go a day without viewing an Apple commercial promoting consumers to “Go with the X” or highlighting the different uses of the product. Advertisements can be seen on a wide variety of media such as television, Youtube, and large social media outlets. What’s new with the iPhone X?

The ‘X’ takes a new step into changing the size and shape of the phone, which differs from the previous iPhones in the past. It has sleek curved edges instead of the Apple’s iconic box design. This design style for phones is not new- many Android devices have always had this same curved approach. The device is encased in water and dust resistant stainless steel. This holds a dazzling OLED, organic light-emitting diode, designed  5.8 inch super retina screen. The screen is slightly larger than the iPhone 8. New technology in cameras allows for better security with face identification sensors. Face ID will replace fingerprint identification when unlocking the device. Without the need for a fingerprint sensor, the home button no longer exists. Again, this is a move that Android tech has already done.

Junior D’Asia Thompson has only owned Apple products. Starting with the iPhone 4, she regularly buys the newest model of iPhone. Thompson looks forward to what the iPhone X can do as far as camera quality and new software texting features that may follow the ‘X’s release.

“The company is popular in my age group and it’s a reliable product to use,” Thompson said.

Senior Noah Cordero has owned Android products in the past, but now recently moved to Apple devices. Cordero likes the Apple products because of the easy compatibility with his other Apple devices and the ability to access iTunes.

“I decided to stay with the iPhone 6 while my younger sister has the iPhone 7 or 8 because there wasn’t an earphone port,” Cordero said.

The release of the iPhone X is creating a buzz not just in the Apple community but also in the Android world.

Junior Simon Afrifa is an Android advocate for his peers. He has owned an iPhone before but returned to Android. He believes that the iPhone X will be a turning point for both Apple and Android companies. Afrifa thinks the lines are blurring between the rival companies.

“I’m an Android guy. I enjoy the freedom of the operating system. So I don’t think I’ll ever get an iPhone,” Afrifa said.

Apple continuously announces products every year, making the staff work harder to be ahead of the trend, stay relevant, and maintain their hold on customers.  Students have their own opinions on where the phone should go next.

“[In] hardware bring back the box design,” Cordero said, “I think curved edges causes it to have less protection on the phone. Square is always good.”

“Group Facetime, Earplug jack instead of one hole, and faster charging. That’s all I want,” Thompson said.

Both Thompson and Cordero agreed that they want to see the headphone jack come back. Cordero raised the concern that not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to buy a Bluetooth device or buy an expensive pair of adaptable earbuds from Apple. 

“If Apple can add a home button and a headphone jack that would be really nice,” Afrifa said.

For those who want to upgrade their phone but can’t afford the newest product, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus is less expensive than the iPhone X. The X is $999, the iPhone 8 cost $699, and iPhone 8 plus is $799. Considering the price the iPhone 8 and 8 plus is the better gadget to buy.

I would consider getting [the iPhone X] if the price was lower”

— Thompson

,”  Thompson said.

The iPhone X is a great innovation of technology from Apple experts, but a hard sell for teenage budgets.