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Formula 1’s race to popularity in the U.S.

With Formula 1’s rise to prominence in the United States, many drivers have become household names. One of these drivers is three-time world champion Max Verstappen, who has won 15 races in the 2023 season. (Photo courtesy of Creative Commons)


For quite a while, the term “American motorsport” was primarily associated with things like NASCAR and Indycar. Formula 1 simply didn’t get the same attention or love in the United States as other types of motorsport – until pretty recently. So, this begs the question, what has changed, and why has Formula 1 suddenly become such a hit in the United States?

Until 2022, only one race was on the F1 calendar each year in the United States – the Circuit of the Americas Grand Prix in Austin, TX. Last year, the Miami Grand Prix was added; Most recently is the Las Vegas Grand Prix, which will happen in November 2023. These new races being held in America have helped to introduce a new group of viewers to the sport, with the first running of the Miami Grand Prix managing to set a record of 2.6 million viewers, the most recorded in the US.

Adding to this, Netflix has done a great deal to help boost the popularity of Formula 1 in the U.S.The docuseries “Drive to Survive” has helped bring the sport to larger audiences, with many people coming across the show while looking for something to watch during quarantine. With over 6.8 million people having watched the show, it appealed to people who previously had little to no interest in Formula 1, with 26 percent of viewers fitting into this demographic.

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With the wave of popularity the sport has been on, Formula 1 has joined the ranks of NASCAR and Indycar as true American motorsport, even featuring Logan Sargeant, an American driver, along with N.C.-based team, Haas. All of these developments have helped Formula 1 race to prominence and ultimately grasp the fascination of Americans all over.

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