Has the time come where Meredith Grey says goodbye?


Ellen Pompeo has portrayed Meredith Grey in “Grey’s Anatomy” for 19 hit seasons. This show has been a popular sensation since its debut 18 years ago. Is she now considering moving towards new opportunities?

Ellen Pompeo has starred in the hit series, “Grey’s Anatomy,” for a staggering 18 years, filled with 416 episodes compacted into 19 seasons. The time has come where Pompeo feels it may be time to say goodbye to her beloved character, Dr. Meredith Grey. 

Debuted in 2005, “Grey’s Anatomy” is a medical drama show that focuses and follows both the professional and personal lives of residents, surgical interns and surgeons as they climb the ladder of becoming well-rounded doctors. The show progresses with Pompeo’s signature voice narrating each episode. Her depiction of Meredith Grey has been broadly praised by fans and critics worldwide, significantly promoting her career as a rising actress. 

Pompeo’s ability to portray Meredith Grey with a broad range of authentic emotions brings her character to life and distinguishes her from other actors and actresses alike. With her incredible performances in each episode, it is no wonder that the actress has been nominated for many prestigious awards, such as the Golden Globe Award and the People’s Choice Award. Her role in this show has truly paved the way for it to become the success it is today. 

To many fans’ dismay, Pompeo feels her extensive journey on the show has been fulfilled and that it is time to move on to other opportunities. She has already signed onto a lead role in a new limited Hulu series, causing her to step back from “Grey’s Anatomy.” A farewell party was thrown for Meredith Grey in episode seven of season 19 as Grey intends to move her family from Seattle to Boston. However, the episode ended in such a manner that it is still possible for her to swing by as a guest on the show. 

Pompeo’s ability to portray Meredith Grey with a broad range of authentic emotions brings her character to life and distinguishes her from other actors and actresses alike.

After watching Pomepo’s send-off episode, fans were quite disappointed at how subtle the most prominent character’s farewell was. Viewers expected a lot more reminiscence, emotion and dramatic effects, rather than a simple goodbye party with the staff of the hospital present. Fans felt it was almost disrespectful that Dr. Grey does not even get a proper goodbye after starring in the show for so long. 

Even though Pompeo will not play Dr. Grey full-time anymore, she will still follow through with her responsibilities as an executive producer, and keep narrating each episode with her popular voiceovers. Meredith Grey is said to appear again in the season 19 finale and drop by at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital a few times throughout season 20. 

Nearly two decades into the show, “Grey’s Anatomy” is still ranked one of ABC’s top-viewed series with an average of 4.21 million viewers. With the news of its star leaving, concerns struck up about whether the show itself would come to an end, I mean, how could it be called “Grey’s Anatomy” without its very own Dr. Meredith Grey? However, the producers of the show decided to keep it rolling. The question is, will it still receive an adequate number of viewers and attention without its star? 

Nevertheless, Pompeo has allured viewers to “Grey’s Anatomy” for more than 18 years and has solidified herself as one of the most notable characters on television. With her exit, the other doctors and interns will determine how successful the show will be from here on out. But, one thing is certain, “Grey’s Anatomy” will never be the same without Dr. Meredith Grey.