Celebrate National [Pizza] Pi Day at these local pizzerias

Nic Cazin and Sophia Fisher

National pi day is a classic math pun falling on 3/14 each year. There are many different types of pie, but the tried and true classic is a pizza pie. We’re here to help you choose the best pizza place to go to during your weekday lunch breaks. 

  1. Johnny’s Pizza — 11 minutes from Wakefield High School

Johnny’s Pizza is at the bottom of our list for a multitude of reasons. Overall, the pizza was unimpressive. Each slice needed more cheese and sausage and the crust was really thin, crunchy and even charred. The slice with sausage was definitely an improvement from the cheese due to the added flavors. This restaurant is also not ideal for a lunch run during the school week because it was an 11-minute drive on Capital Boulevard and the pizza itself took another 13 minutes to come out. Although the vibe of the restaurant was cool, this is not a good option for a satisfying lunch.

  1. Mellow Mushroom — 7 minutes from Wakefield High School

Mellow Mushroom is an amazing option for delicious pizza. Each slice has a garlic parmesan crust and an overall homemade flavor. The sausage had a good texture and was super flavorful. Although the cheese slice could have used more cheese, that was a problem easily remedied with extra-grated parmesan. This restaurant has a super fun aesthetic but the reason it is so low on our list is because of the time it took. The slices took over 25 minutes to come out, likely due to the fact that Mellow Mushroom had just opened and so they were still preparing the pizzas. Unfortunately, the pizzeria won’t be open during A lunch, B lunch will have the same issue we had with the restaurant having just opened and C lunch will fall right on the lunch rush. Although this is a great pizza place for dinner, it’s not ideal during school.

  1. Bella Italia Pizzeria — 9 minutes from Wakefield High School

Bella Italia is a pretty standard option for a slice of pizza. Although nothing super special, it sure was tasty! Each slice had a good amount of cheese, a slightly crunchy crust and a large slice size. The sausage was severely underwhelming, it both looked and tasted weird, so we would suggest passing on that option. The cheese slices are very affordable – $1 cheese slices on Monday – and the pizza came out quickly. Combined with a fairly close travel time, this is a great option for a lunchtime meal.

  1. MOD Pizza — 11 minutes from Wakefield High School

MOD Pizza definitely had the best-tasting pizza. Made in a brick oven and completely customizable, these pizzas are made for you. The sausage is well-spiced and crumbly, and the customizable aspect means you can add as much cheese or spices as you like. MOD Pizza is a bit farther away than the other options, as it is near Heritage, however, it does have a very quick make time. This option is nice because you can get anything from a mini to a MOD size, and every time you order you can try something new. 

  1. Mario’s Pizzeria — 7 minutes from Wakefield High School

For our number one pizza lunch option, Mario’s Pizzeria takes the cake – or pi. These slices had a great, doughy crust texture and they were very cheesy. The tomato sauce wasn’t overpowering and it had a good amount of grease. Although not ground, the sausage was thinly sliced so it still had a good texture and the flavor was superb, even enjoyable to someone who doesn’t typically like the sausage flavor. This restaurant is very close to the school and it only took five minutes to get two slices. That being said, we don’t recommend getting a whole pizza during lunch because that takes quite a bit longer. Overall, this is a perfect place to get a pi slice on 3/14.

Any time you’ve got a pizza craving, whether that’s on National Pi Day, an everyday lunch run or even a late-night impulse, take these suggestions into consideration.