Justina Miles goes viral after her Superbowl ASL performance


Justina Miles brought energy to the 2023 Super Bowl in her ASL performance. She not only signed to Rihanna’s songs but got attention from viewers all over the world.

Justina Miles, a deaf American ASL interpreter, had her big debut at the 2023 Super Bowl along with Rihanna. Her energetic performance got noticed all over the world and has become the first deaf person to perform at a Super Bowl halftime show. 

Miles is 20 years old and first got recognition on TikTok with her sign language interpretations of popular, trending songs, but her talent doesn’t stop there. She’s also a nursing student and was on the USA team for the Deaflympics. Miles ran on the women’s track relay team and won a silver medal in Brazil. There truly isn’t anything Justina Miles can’t do. 

Not only did she entertain millions of people with her performance of Rihanna songs, but she was also able to inspire people to be positive and to pursue their dreams even if obstacles stand in their way.