How can we help animals escape extinction?


Staff Graphic by Camryn Ledwith

Animals are becoming extinct at an alarming rate, and they need our help. It is not too late to step in and change the fate of these animals’ lives.

Animals all across the world are becoming extinct, endangered and threatened every day, but we can help them. Some common endangered species that you may have heard about include black rhinos, amur leopards, leatherback turtles, the african forest elephants and many others. By informing ourselves about the issue at hand and understanding that every little thing can help, we can help save millions of animals.

We only have one Earth, and we must share this world with other people, plants, animals and insects. We all rely on each other, and these poor animals need our help. By protecting our Earth, keeping it clean, reducing, reusing, recycling, and spreading the word about threatened species and not purchasing products made from animal parts can help animals all across the globe. An easy way to know that the products you buy are environmentally clean, used without animal products and actually benefit the animals, would be buying from organizations such as Ivory Ella and Finnatics whose main purpose is to help animals who are in danger.

It is important to understand that one person at a time can change the lives of these innocent animals, and you can spark the start of a change. We need animals to survive just as much as they need us to survive. So whenever possible, try to keep the lives of these animals in the back of your mind throughout your day, and you might decide to do some things differently.