Lauren Holt

Camryn Ledwith, Staff Writer

Through challenges and tribulations, Lauren Holt, a junior at Wakefield High School, finds the good in every situation. She is outgoing and an avid believer that you only live once. Holt approaches each day as a new opportunity to spread positivity and strives to make the world a better place. One thing that has helped her stay positive through tough times has been Girl Scouts.

She joined Girl Scouts in middle school and has obtained many friends and learned important life skills throughout the years. Holt has even been awarded the silver award, which she gained by getting a group of girls together that made blankets for the women’s shelter.

“Be the good you want in the world,” Holt said. “You are the only one you have in your life.”

As she advances through high school, she excels in math, chemistry, and science. This success has brought her to want to pursue a field in STEM, hoping to make a difference in the world. As of right now, she may want to be a bioengineer, chemical engineer or possibly an interior designer.

“You’ve got to have positivity,” Holt said. “Everything is [always] going to pass.”