‘The best has yet to come:’ Wakefield varsity basketball stands 5-2


Staff Photo by Jami Ward

The boy’s basketball team works together to defebd their home court. The final score of the game on January 10, was 75-68, with Wakefield taking the win.

Katie Spampinato and Angie Lee

After a rocky start to the season for Wakefield’s men’s varsity basketball team, the team persevered to finish the season strong, ultimately finishing the 2022-2023 season with more wins than losses. The team has taken the lessons learned from this season and used them as motivation to return stronger next season. The players have high hopes for the upcoming season and are prepared for whatever comes next. 

Wakefield basketball ended the 2021-2022 season with a record of 19-8, and their goal was to beat this standard and win more than they won the year before. If Wakefield can get to 18-4, they have a chance at partaking in conference play. Jason Lee, Wakefield’s clerical and discipline assistant, is the assistant coach of the men’s varsity basketball team. He has high expectations for this season and believes that his team can accomplish more by their winning percentage. 

“We started on a bad foot, but I also think that bad foot was a fluke,” Lee said. “Those two teams that we lost to, we played against and now they lose by 30.”

The boys on the team have proved that hard work pays off, and that every team is capable of turning a season around.

Jalen Yancey is one of those players. Yancey is a senior and plays several positions on the Wakefield varsity basketball team, such as small forward, power forward and point guard. 

We started on a bad foot, but I also think that bad foot was a fluke.

— Lee

“We had a slower start than we did last year but we turned it around,” Yancey said. “We are a really hard-working team and always giving 100 percent effort whether it’s on offense or defense.”

Yancey isn’t the only person who believes the best has yet to come. Khi Benjamin, a senior who plays guard and shooting guard, pushes himself and his teammates to prepare for the playoffs and Conference Championships. 

“We’re a really hard-working team. We want it. We will push each other and practice,” Benjamin said. “We’re a great team.”

Lee envisions that the men’s basketball team is going to be one of the best teams in the state. As players that were juniors become seniors, they learn how to play with the grades below them, which is something they have never done before. The seniors lead the team and have become one of the reasons why the Wakefield men’s varsity basketball team has pushed through. 

“This is a team that is together,” Lee said. “The best has yet to come for us.”

Lee’s predictions have proved to be true. The men’s varsity basketball team is having a successful year so far despite starting on a bad foot. Garrett Stevens, the head coach of the basketball team, has high hopes for this season and continues to cheer for their success. 

“We work hard and try to do our best every night, win or lose,” Stevens said. “I think our community should be proud of the guys we have.”