Big Dog Ranch Rescue Shelter saves lives


Big Dog Ranch Rescue Shelter, the largest no-kill animal rescue known to America, just opened in Alabama. This new facility provides a great deal of hope for dog lovers everywhere.

The United States’ largest-ever no-kill animal rescue, the Big Dog Ranch Rescue Shelter, recently opened in Shorter, Alabama. The facility includes three buildings, lots of open space and plans to save, rehabilitate and adopt 5,000 dogs per year. 

The first Big Dog Ranch Rescue Shelter in Palm Beach, Florida opened in 2008, and since then has prevented 53,000 dogs from being euthanized. This may seem like a lot, but the new location is much larger and will be able to save even more dogs than that. 

This rescue center used to be a training center for greyhounds, but because of the pet overpopulation crisis, it transformed into a facility that has taken a huge step toward saving the lives of dogs. 

The rescue shelter also has the potential to improve the lives of dogs, specifically older ones. There are several help centers on the campus that are meant to assist dogs suffering from PTSD, as well as help dogs who have recently lost their owners.

The shelter also hopes to expand and improve in the coming years. The staff hopes to eventually have the capacity to save 10,000 dogs a year. That is fantastic news for dogs everywhere.