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Big Dog Ranch Rescue Shelter, the largest no-kill animal rescue known to America, just opened in Alabama. This new facility provides a great deal of hope for dog lovers everywhere.

Big Dog Ranch Rescue Shelter saves lives

Gaby Sciaudone, Sports Editor January 13, 2023

The United States' largest-ever no-kill animal rescue, the Big Dog Ranch Rescue Shelter, recently opened in Shorter, Alabama. The facility includes three buildings, lots of open space and plans to save,...

Bear poses for the camera while working in the field. He wears an identification vest and boots to protect him from the terrain.

Australian koalas saved by an unlikely hero

Millie Monahan, Staff Writer December 10, 2021

When the wildfires make a burning comeback in Australia, the concern for the wildlife grows. The worry is especially high for a certain slow-moving marsupial. But with the help of the University of the...

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