Carter Kinsman

Seth Steiner, Staff Writer

Moving across the country is really difficult, especially going into middle school. If anyone knows this, it is Carter Kinsman. Back in 6th grade, the Kinsman family moved from a comfortable life in California to something new and different here in North Carolina. This big of a move took a toll on Kinsman’s mental state, to say the least. School was a big problem for him. He missed over 40 days of school in his sixth grade year, and a lot of that is thanks to anxiety. However, one day, someone helped change this. I approached Kinsman one day, and that one interaction began a very special friendship.

“[He] made me feel less lonely,” Kinsman said.

To this day, this friendship makes a difference in Kinsman’s life. He always has someone he can depend on, someone he can talk to and someone to trust. Our relationship isn’t perfect, but there’s no such thing as a perfect friendship, just really great ones, like ours.