Taylor Swift promotes “Midnights” in a unique way


Staff Graphic by Sky Morgan

Taylor Swift’s “Midnights” album highlights how insomnia can provoke creativity.

Sky Morgan, Staff Writer

As the clock strikes twelve on Oct. 21, fans eagerly await the release of Taylor Swift’s tenth studio album, “Midnights.” Swift has taken advantage of her sleepless nights to craft 13 new songs for this transformative album. 

Swift has become extremely accustomed to navigating fame, with large platforms following all her social media accounts. With a growing 14.5 million followers, Swift has utilized TikTok for much of the promotion regarding “Midnights.” Using a bingo cage and vintage telephone, Swift has created a new series titled “Midnights Mayhem with Me,” where she announces track titles every few days, leaving the song announced up to fate. Coincidentally, the first number Swift drew was 13, her lucky number and a number that is incorporated into many of her Easter eggs. Swift started with the reveal of track 13, “Mastermind,” and most recently, track 4 titled “Snow on the Beach.”

After delving into the idea behind track 3, “Anti-Hero,” on Instagram, fans excitedly ran to Twitter to discuss the makeup of the song.  Swift describes this track as being one of her favorite songs she has ever written. She depicts this to be an extremely vulnerable song filled with tempestuous lyrics, revolving around her insecurities. 

Swift’s reveal of Track 11, “Karma,” had many fans on the edge of their seats. This video includes her drawing the number 11 from the bingo cage, picking up the telephone, naming the album, and then laughing. This is the first video that has featured Swift’s reaction to the track, with fans wondering what her laugh entails. 

She depicts this to be an extremely vulnerable song filled with tempestuous lyrics, revolving around her insecurities. ”

After releasing six albums in just over two years, Swift is well known for her “Easter Eggs” where she leaves hints regarding the new album through various promotion tactics. Fans have become accustomed to looking for secret clues in anything she releases. During her edition of Vogue’s “73 Questions” series, she said that she believed in karma. This has fans deliberating if the interview and track 11, “Karma,” are somehow correlated. 

“Karma” was the first track to be revealed on a Thursday and has disturbed the consecutive schedule of the “Midnight’s Mayhem with Me” releases. On top of the unusual release date, the reveal of “Karma” means that new tracks have been revealed two days in a row. Coincidence or not, this has led fans to believe that “Karma” may be the lead single. 

Swift completely threw fans for a loop on the night of Oct. 6, releasing the remaining six tracks for six consecutive hours of the night. Many of Swift’s fans have become closely acquainted with the sleepless nights “Midnights” is based on as they stay up to wait for more reveals. Although Swifties are grieving the end of “Midnights Mayhem with Me,” they take a new perspective on “Midnights” as they read through the newly released tracklist. Fans can’t wait to hear the stories of thirteen sleepless nights. 

As Swift slowly reveals the details of her new album, fans all over the world are counting down the days until Oct. 21 when they will get the first listen of “Midnights.”