Wakefield women’s golf team putts in the work for success


Photo Courtesy of Abigail Weaver

Wakefield women’s golf poses for a picture at the Wakefield Country Club. Player Terra Schmitt recently won Jersey Mike’s player of the week.

Yusha Ahsan and Camryn Ledwith

As the 2022 fall sports season progresses at Wakefield High School, the women’s golf team is looking forward to upcoming opportunities and is determined to put forth their best effort to succeed. Each player has their strengths and weaknesses, but when they come together as one, they are unstoppable.  

“Everyone [on the team] is so kind and fun,” sophomore Arieliz Reyes said. “Although we have our ups and downs, we walk it off anyway.” 

Team chemistry is the key to success for the ladies of the golf team. For Reyes, the ambiance of the team is what distinguishes the golfers from other sports teams. 

“The team atmosphere is really good, we’ve gotten close over the season and are able to tell each other things that are going on,” Reyes said. “[This team] gave us all the opportunity to not only be teammates, but friends.”

In order to bond outside of the golf course, the players often get together after practices and matches.

“After games, we usually go out to eat,” sophomore Angelique Barclay said. “Last game we went out to Culvers and the other week we went to Starbucks to see one of my teammates’ puppies.” 

Furthermore, practice and consistency are significant for these golf players. Abigail Weaver, a junior on the team, explains what a typical day of practice looks like. 

“Practice is swinging long-range shots on the range, after that, we practice chipping and spend a lot of time putting,” Weaver said. “Putting is where most players lose their points, so it is of utmost importance that our team practices this as much as possible.” 

We are in second place [behind Millbrook High School] but we have won four conference championships in a row.

— Reitz

Carolyn Reitz is the head coach of the women’s golf team. She is quite proud of the direction they are headed and is always there to provide support. 

“We are in second place [behind Millbrook High School] but we have won four conference championships in a row,” Reitz said. “Now we’ve managed to finish second two times in a row.”

When it comes to being a golfer, many challenges tend to arise, which the players must persevere through. 

“Golf is definitely a mental sport. It takes lots of thinking, planning and it’s very methodical,” Reyes said. “Sometimes, if you’re not in a good headspace –stressed, anxious, etcetera–  then it messes with your game; personally, that’s a big roadblock for me sometimes.”

While golf is easily overlooked in the scheme of school sports, Wakefield’s players strive to highlight the many beneficial opportunities that can stem from the sport. 

“This team has given me the ability to play with others similar to me,” Weaver said. “As many people know, golf is not the most popular sport for high school girls, so it is difficult to find people to play with. Participating in matches is rewarding and greatly improves my golf game.”

All in all, the team is dedicated to advancing themselves in the game of golf and building bonds that last a lifetime. 

“To be successful, you have to work on your game. [Over the years] it’s [been] so rewarding to see how [the players] turn out and how they contribute to the community,” Reitz said. “We’re all friends, we are close, [and we all] support each other.”