Dancers shake their way into the spotlight

The Wakefield Dance team’s progress and creativity is proven throughout their performances


Photo Courtesy of Brianna Doubleday

The dance team breaks for a picture during a basketball game.

Hannah Chaya, Editor-in-Chief

Wakefield’s dance team has proven their talent as they have preformed alongside the cheerleaders at football games and basketball games. With Melissa Proctor as their coach, they have excelled in the art of dance. Senior and Captain Brianna Doubleday, explains some of the responsibilities she holds as a leader.

“Being a dance team captain for my senior year is a dream come true,” said Doubleday.

Doubleday has been dancing on the team for two years now.

Another senior and Captain, Amber Clawson, has been committed to the dance team for four years and became a captain this year.

“Stepping up as a leader for the dance team has helped our team become more organized,” said Clawson.

The dancers have worked hard to maintain the skill and abilities that the team brings to the table. Most of the dancers have previous experience with dance and have been dancing almost their entire lives.

Lexi DeFalco, junior and dancer, has been dancing for eleven years. This is her third year on the dance team.

“I think this year’s dance team is great,” said DeFalco. “We have an amazing group of girls and every girl brings something unique and different to the team.”

Miranda Evon, junior and dancer, has been dancing for about fourteen years in general and has been on the dance team since freshman year, just like DeFalco.

“This year’s dance team is a bit different from the previous years,” said Evon. “This year all of the dancers became very close, and we work stronger as a team.”

The meticulous choreography practiced to perfection, thanks to Proctor, allows the team to express their creativity through dance and leave a lasting impact on the audience.

“I wouldn’t want another instructor other than Mrs. Proctor to lead us,” said Doubleday. “She pushes us and makes us stronger, mentally and physically, she allows us to express our ideas and she helps us out with our own creative processes.”

As the end of the year quickly approaches, the loss of seniors, who are both friends and mentors to other dancers, will be bittersweet for the underclassmen.

“I love the seniors,” said DeFalco. “It’s going to be really hard when they leave. I think that throughout the year we become like a family so when they leave it will upsetting.”