Taylor Swift 1989

Taylor Swift 1989

Skyler Portnoy, Staff Writer

In 1989’s first week the album sold 1.2 million copies. It is also the first and only album in 2014 so far to go platinum, even though it wasn’t released until October. Some songs on the album include “Blank Space”, “Style”, “Bad Blood”,” I Know Places”, and “Clean.”  [Add in fact that these are good songs] On the deluxe edition there are also three voice memos from her phone explaining three different types of song writing.

Taylor swift spends about two years cultivating an album and transitioning from one album to the next. Her musical style changes drastically between albums. 1989 was no different. It took her two years to sonically evolve from her previous album Red.

While the catchy tune telling people to embrace their inner selves  “Shake It Off” is a good song on its own, but it shouldn’t be used as the lead single. “Shake It Off” doesn’t represent the album as a whole very well. Lyrically and rhythmically it is a lot different from the rest of the album except “Out Of The Woods”, which is more lyrically similar to “Shake It Off” but its vibe is more like the rest of the album. I believe “Blank Space” or “Bad Blood” would be more appropriate, as they are much more representative of the album as a whole.

1989 is definitely a departure from Swifts previous albums. It is a lot more mainstream pop than she’s ever done, considering that this is her first completely pop album. It must have taken a lot for Swift to leave the comfort of country music, and she did an amazing job of producing an all pop album.