Lights, camera, COVID-19, action!


Graphic by Stephanie Arana

Stars and crew prepare themselves for the ride of their lives to make a successful production come to life.

Stephanie Arana, Staff Writer

The coronavirus has caused mayhem to the movie world by shutting down and delaying fan-favorite films. The film industry has been working hard on making filming a safe environment for the cast and crew, with social distancing and sanitary procedures at every scheduled hour: all to get the best version of their films out to eager fans.

Every year fans get a sneak peek at what new movies or sequels will be produced for the year and are left eager for their release dates, teasers and some behind-the-scenes footage. However,  Many productions like Dancing With the Stars, The Bachelorette and The Great British Baking Show have announced that they will continue to film with many new safety procedures and new locations. But questions have still risen: how are actors supposed to keep a safe distance while filming or how will this affect the shooting hours and budget?

The main goals that are focused on while shooting a production are always to be close, fast and not wasting unnecessary money and going over budget. Now with the new safety guidelines that the films must follow, these goals are much more difficult to achieve than before. 

no one predicted that the current live production of COVID-19 would be the talk of the year and quarantine would be our stage.

During filming,  a COVID officer hires all the new personnel to clean and perform all safety procedures for the actors as quickly as possible and then remove themselves from the set. These people are trained from a whole new department made up of actually two different categories: The Health and Safety Management and a Beefed-up Security Department. These new procedures that they have to go through are expected to be performed perfectly and as quickly as possible. “It’s such a hierarchical thing. The second anyone above you asks for something, you want to be Johnny on the Spot. You don’t want to be more than 15 feet away—that’s how you get a reputation for being crappy at your job,” said director-producer from Vanity Fair.

Producers agree that the main issue with filming a production is speed and making it look like they weren’t even in a pandemic to begin with. Using big, crowded cities as their setting for films is a big part of the plot of most storylines. According to a director from Vanity Fair, “shooting on location is 1,000 times worse” after describing that indoor filming is always crowded with lights, equipment and people. 

Tom Holland, who is best known for his role as Spiderman in Spider-man Far From Home, has shared pictures interacting with fans while on set on social media. In these types of posts, actors are seen talking to fans from a safe distance and with masks on.

COVID-19 has been a huge bump in the road for not only actors and directors but also for the impatient fans who are so devoted to these films. With the support of their fans, the casts and crews will put the best version of your favorite films on the big screen in your own home.

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