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Cross Country hopes for brighter future

The Wakefield Cross Country team celebrates their completion of the Cap-8 competition.
Michael Magnuson, Staff Writer November 7, 2016
“I think this year was successful. We didn’t place that well in Cap 8, but as individuals I think the kids did well. I hope that next season my top runners can come back at the beginning of the season where they are right now.” ~Coach Schug

Wakefield men’s soccer team looks to the future

Wakefield's Junior Varsity player steals the ball away from Heritage player.
Emma Taurence, Staff Writer November 7, 2016
“We worked really hard at the beginning of the season and despite the record, we have continued to work hard throughout, stay positive and work to improve both individually and as a team.” ~Cantrell

Wakefield volleyball slams the competition

Wolverines anticipate a serve from their opponent, Leesville.
Brendan Fusik, Staff Writer October 14, 2016
“I predicted that we would be second in the conference right behind Broughton and our only loss would be to Broughton, which are in fact both true.” ~Benda

Enloe can’t hang with the Wakefield crew

The Wolverines getting ready to snap the ball.
Paige Schepperley, Staff Writer October 14, 2016
“We have been working hard during practices and trying to stay focused every day by knowing what needs to be accomplished." ~McKay

Baseball looks to solidify state tournament spot

Baseball looks to solidify state tournament spot
Joseph Ortiz, Staff Writer May 16, 2016
“We look forward to playing everybody. We really look at every game as an opportunity to improve and have fun.” -Keown

Wolverines sign with the college of their dreams

Senior, Susanne Boyden signs to Cal Poly to play tennis.
Austin White, Staff Writer May 13, 2016
“It was surreal,” said Stephenson. “This time a year ago I didn’t even know I would be playing football, so it was unreal to think I'm actually here. I couldn't believe it was happening.”

PEPI class takes on the Special Olympics

Will Clark, Sports Editor May 13, 2016
“The athletes did their absolute best while having the best time ever with huge smiles on their faces." -Dacunto

Women’s soccer has high hopes for rest of the season

Senior, Laney Badulis clears the ball out of the defensive zone.
Juliana Merzigian, Student Life Editor April 26, 2016
“Being a senior really makes me realize that every practice and game counts. By staying positive and pushing us all to work hard during practice and games, we hope to win our conference and even win states.” ~Senter

Wakefield stunt team flips into its first season

The stunt team performs during the competition.
Emily Callahan, Features Editor April 26, 2016
“I feel like stunt is harder than cheerleading. In stunt, there is more hard work involved. Every week we have matches, so we’re always preparing for a competition. While in cheer, we focus on things like football and basketball cheers.” -Blackwood

Debating the merits of compensation for NCAA college athletes

Heath Boyd signs autographs for kids at NC State's spring football game.
Yasine Mirmozaffari, Staff Editor April 21, 2016
“Student athletes should be able to get paid because with their busy schedules they don't have the time to work. They are also bringing in a ton of revenue and publicity to their colleges by playing for their teams, so they should benefit for doing so.” -Boyden

Wakefield varsity women’s lacrosse pushes towards success

The women's lacrosse warms up before their game.
Alexa Cook, Staff Editor April 19, 2016
Our defense also does really well communicating so that we can get the ball back. We do a great job during the game maintaining composure after a one on one confrontation with an opposing player. -Lynch

Conor McGregor generates global appeal to the UFC

Austin White, Staff Writer March 24, 2016
Ali, Tyson, and Mayweather are the things of the past, now it’s all about McGregor and his opponent.
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