Wakefield men’s lacrosse seniors reflect on the season


Staff Photo by Allie Chiu

The Wakefield men’s lacrosse team huddles up to discuss their next move.

Allie Chiu, Arts and Entertainment Editor

In every athlete’s life, there’s that one day that they dread. For the seniors on the men’s lacrosse team, that time has arrived. The last game of high school will have a huge emotional impact on players especially if they plan on not continuing after high school. Saying goodbye to their friends on the team has to be one of the hardest goodbyes especially when such a good relationship with them grows throughout the years.

Wakefield lacrosse finished the year with an almost perfect season. They ended going undefeated in their conference. Although they won the conference championship, they went through a lot of challenges, including being put on two separate quarantines. These challenges really show how strong and passionate our players are. 

“My favorite memory has been [beating] Heritage twice this season,” said Ben Yu.

Yu has been on the team for two years and he wants to let the younger upcoming players learn that they can accomplish anything with hard work. Teaching upcoming players from personal experiences has to be one of the most important things players can do. Coach Cooley guides his players by giving them the motivation to try their hardest, but when it comes from a peer it always means more.

My favorite memory has been [beating] Heritage twice this season”

— Yu

“The thing I love most is the sports ability to bring together people that you might not have been friends with otherwise,” said Kyle Stack. 

Stack has also been on the team for two years, he sees the benefits of playing to be both physical and mental.

 Even in the face of adversity you still have ways to improve yourself, whether that be physically or mentally,” said Stack. 

Even though the season is over, the team has made our school proud with everything they have accomplished, and the Wolverines are looking forward to reconnecting at the W next year.

“I cannot wait to come back and see all of my old friends on the team,” said Stack.