Wakefield Volleyball: Playing through Covid-19


Photo Courtesy of Lauren Rochelle

Wakefield High School’s volleyball team still manages to have a great season.

Max Rubino, Staff Writer

On December 21st, 2021, the Wakefield High School volleyball season came to a close. The team was led by Coach Cynthia Terrell and Coach Caitlyn Cink. Coach Terrell reflected on how the team managed to continue being successful even with the pandemic. 

“The team was able to adapt to the Covid-19/Pandemic situation,” said Coach Terrell. “As well as keep consistent positive attitudes, and with the parental understanding in making sure their daughters followed strict and proper protocols and procedures to keep all of us as safe as possible.” 

Wakefield’s volleyball team faced many hardships this season because of the pandemic.

Coach Cink reflects on all the hardships that the team had to face this season because of Covid-19.

“I would say the team had obstacles instead of weakness,” said Cink. “With the shortened season, and the threat of being exposed to the virus everything was different.”

Improving mental aspects under duress has really helped the team

— Terrell

Cink acknowledged that their formats of prep work and the fluctuation of not knowing whether they were going to have a season this year all had an effect. 

Lauren Rochelle, one of the volleyball players, and her teammates felt restrictions on this season with all the precautions put in place due to the virus.

“The season consisted of mask-wearing the entire practice, warmups, and the entire game,” said Rochelle.“Temperature checks were required before every practice and game, which meant we needed to arrive at away games at least half an hour earlier to get all coaches and teammates checked.”

Just because the team and coaches were focused on practicing to make sure they did their best this season, doesn’t mean that mental health and support weren’t involved.

“Improving mental aspects under duress has really helped the team,” said Coach Terrell. “Positivity and dedication of players’ work ethics also helped.” 

The coaching staff did their best to make this season as normal as possible for the team while also following COVID-19 protocols. 

“My favorite thing that [Coach Terrell] did for me this season [was she] continued to push me to be the best defensive player I can be,” said Rochelle. “She told me to never give up, and shared that hard work will always beat talent.” 

Cink claims that it is a difficult task trying to find the right candidates for the team.

“If you want to play volleyball you should stay in shape, continue to warm up, condition, and practice,” says Rochelle. “Stay disciplined and alert on the court. Have a good attitude, leadership skills, determination, and confidence.”